ICYMI: My writeup of the new study (via et al) on whether medical marijuana reduces opioid-painkiller deaths. Also the full dataset is available for download, so I was able to mess around with it a little in R tonight.
From me, on a new study on the changing relationship between medical-marijuana laws and opioid-painkiller ODs.
As much as anything, this seems like a parable about the limitations of between-states analysis. (H/t )
Does legal pot reduce or increase Opioids? Yes. "a law was assoc w/ a roughly 1/4 decrease in painkiller overdoses in a 2014 study *and* w/ a roughly 1/4 increase in such ODs in a 2019 study using same methods."
Legal Pot Won’t Control the Opioid Epidemic
social science really is a vortex of insanity, a whirlpool of endlessly contradictory findings with no bottom