The Vatican released its first extensive official document on gender theory, rejecting the notion that individuals can choose their own gender identity
Let’s play rewrite the headline: “Vatican Launches International War on Trans Bodies to Kick Off Pride Month” #gerardkoskovich started this game with his own headline: “Men Wearing Silk Gowns and Flamboyant Millinery Insist Gender is a Fixed Binary”
Dear The Vatican, Transgender people typically don't think they are "choosing" their gender either. Love, Someone Who Has Listened to Transgender People Speak About Themselves
“Gender identity is not fluid." -- Says men wearing heavily embroidered gowns and fabulous, matching hats.
A recent document from the Vatican rejects the notion that gender identity can be fluid, this is in conflict with the science on gender, including sociological theory and research
Maybe before taking this position, guys who like to wear colorful satin robes and outrageous hats should look themselves in the mirror?
Based on neither divine inspiration nor serious science and scholarship the Vatican decides the world is much simpler and clearer than it is and repression of contrary views is warranted. via