Iran bars reporter Thomas Erdbrink from reporting. He has lived in Tehran since 2012; his press credentials were revoked in February without explanation.
. just confirmed the news I broke a few days ago: The Islamic regime in Iran bars from reporting.
NYT Tehran bureau has not been able to report in Iran the past four months after his press pass was revoked
This seems like a big deal that deserves more attention than it's getting: Iran has banned the New York Times correspondent from reporting for 4 MONTHS. Doesn't just affect him; it sends a message to every other foreign reporter aimed at chilling coverage.
Reports by from #Iran registered subterranean social changes and political complexities. Not everyone liked it: Iran officials barred him from reporting; dogmatics with a one-dimensional view of Iran attacked him for being 'pro-regime'
Iran Bars Times Correspondent From Reporting
NYT: Iran Bars Times Correspondent From Reporting via ⁦
Iran Bars Correspondent From Reporting
Dear , Since this June 2019 article saying ⁦⁩ has been banned from reporting from Iran, we have heard nothing from him or of his fate. The dramatic Iran news of late has been written by others. Please update us on him.
Iran Bars Times Correspondent From Reporting - The New York Times