Boys are falling short in school because they're not being given a fair chance. Here's what we can do to fix it, courtesy of . #TruthStraightUp continues here ▶️
Boys being boys is not the problem. Education must be fair to both genders. #TruthStraightUp continues here ▶️
Divisive gender theories do not belong in the classroom. FULL STOP. #TruthStraightUp continues here ▶️
In today's culture, conventional boyishness is viewed as a pathology in need of a cure. That's absurd. Get your #TruthStraightUp here ▶️
Educating children is not a zero-sum game. It's time to abandon the one-size-fits-all system. #TruthStraightUp continues here ▶️
“Stop punishing boys for being boys” Christina Hoff Sommers | #TruthStraightUp - YouTube