The Myth of the ‘Lazy’ Father. Combining housework, child care, and paid work, dads put in slightly MORE time than moms.👇
The fact that moms and dads do different blends of home work and paid work is not necessarily a problem, and to insist otherwise is to devalue parents’ own preferences.
From yours truly, some nice numbers about fathers.
3. Here's what the distribution of total work looks like in different types of family, according to :
Among married couples living together with kids, if anything, it’s dads who do more work in total—adding up paid work, housework, child care, and even shopping. #FathersDay2019
2. In the average married family, fathers total work about = to mothers. When you total paid work, housework, and childcare: - Fathers do about 59 hrs per week of total work - Mothers do about 55 hrs per week of total work
"The Myth of the ‘Lazy’ Father"
6. And for the moms like these--that is, moms who would prefer to focus more on the kids and the home--the fact that dad does more of his family-related work hours at paid work isn't a problem.
In this study, titled "The Myth of the Lazy Father," researcher makes the case that, when you add up paid work, housework, child care, and even shopping, dads do more total work in married households.
This last week we all read about the Myth of the Lazy Father where we learned that really if anything mothers are the ones who are lazy. That article raised the issue of preferences so let's see how happy men and women are with the division of chores.
"as points out in an essay for the Institute of Family Studies, 'The Myth of the ‘Lazy’ Father' when you add up housework, paid work and child care, married fathers today are doing slightly more work than married mothers."
For father's day, some push-back on dad-bashing. "The Myth of the ‘Lazy’ Father "
And of course check out my own analysis of the 2013-17 data on married people with kids
Anyway see my piece here if you haven't yet -- and note that the basic finding everyone is so mad about roughly matches those of not one, not two, but three previous tallies from Pew & AEI/Brookings.
For #FathersDay2019: The myth of the "lazy dad." What time use data actually show on the difference in total work time, including inside the home, of moms and dads.