Alt-right radicalization: It's not just the algorithms. I often differ with R Douthat, but agree that suffocating PC can lead smart young men to think "You can't handle the truth" and get sucked into the alt-right fever swamp. (I've seen it.)
My Tuesday column: The Faults Beyond Our Algorithms
This column would be good conversation fodder on an erlier version of Twitter where people conversed.
conservatives are still playing this "whites have it hard that's why they have bad opinions" violin even though they never give anyone else this excuse
lThe healing of the body politic will not be accomplished with such fiddling.” via
"a story about the internet is also a story about the attenuation of non-online forms of community, about fatherlessness and family breakdown"
I don't think I quite agree with all of it, but this piece on blame-the-algorithm-ism is pretty good