. is pleased to announce the appointment of four new public editors, for The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC. introduces them here
With NPR now the only news org in the US with a full-time public editor or ombudsman, is assigning its own public editors for NYT, WaPo, CNN, and MSNBC
Personal news: I’ve been named the new New York Times Public Editor by ⁦⁩ AMA about the NYT!
Beyond proud and thrilled to be joining this new initiative at with distinguished colleagues , and . Thank you for including me in such a wild, great experiment.
This is a great idea: Media outlets have killed off their public editors, so is bringing them back
ICYMI: We have unveiled a new project to hold news outlets accountable
Columbia Journalism Review fills a gap, names its own public editors: for , ; gets ; has ; gets #journalism via
CJR has named four journalists as "public editors" for the NYT, WaPo, CNN etc and they are mostly ex-Gawker-network folks --- and, well, guessing that it's a bad day for Dean Baquet.
Wow: has “appointed” public editors/ombudsmen for four news organizations that no longer have one: for for for for But what about Fox?
So has announced its latest crop of public editors, charged with "identifying blind spots" in media coverage. All four are progressives. Most have written/tweeted skeptically of Trump. At least one is a #MeToo firebrand. Check your blind spot, ?