Over coming days the Tory leadership’s indescribable assembly of mediocrity might make you feel nostalgia, even pity, for Theresa May. Don’t. Her premiership was an exercise in personal and national nihilism. This disaster’s on her. My political obituary
This week will see the Tory party’s final takeover by unhinged revolutionary mania. It’ll be bleak. You may want to forgive May. Don’t. Never forget how much she destroyed in so little time, for so little reason and for so little gain. This is on her.
Read this whithering charge-sheet of incompetence, arrogance and hubris from and remember each and every detail of it whenever you might feel the slightest sympathy for Theresa May, or if you’re ever tempted to don the rose-tinted specs.
Scathingly superb takedown of May’s premiership from hell from She’s the reason we’re in this Brexit shitscape and she set in motion the Tory-twattery-parade you see before you today. ‘They have not learnt a single lesson.. they cannot be honest.’
This is a stunning, must read political obituary of May's premiership, furious but controlled and forensic by
Another bullseye from . I like to imagine that in her dotage, confined by old age to an upstairs room in her tax-haven domicile, Mrs May will have no choice but to listen as a retainer with a grudge reads this aloud to her every night at bed time.
As the Tory leadership race begins it’s finally time to say goodbye to Theresa May. It’s a long farewell. There was a lot to say.
This farewell to Theresa May by is magnfiicent. "Like Donald Trump, May tolerated despicable behaviour in public life because it suited her politically, and she lacked the integrity to stand up for anything more decent."
"The worst of all this is that her colleagues have not learnt a single lesson from [the catastophe of Theresa May's time as MP]. Like May, the leadership contenders pretend they can defy political, legal and technological reality."
Don't start pining for Theresa May: she was unspeakably dire and this disaster's on her