State after state is enacting laws to protect the right of students and professors to express their views. via
Where Tennessee leads, Texas follows. It has always been. It will always be so. This time Texas follows Tennessee’s lead on campus free speech, and it continues a quiet state-law revolution. The cloud of formal campus censorship is lifting
America is in the Middle of a Quiet Free Speech Revolution on Campus.
Buried in this article is a statistic concerning a development of which I had been totally unaware: The percentage of colleges with "clearly unconstitutional speech codes... has shrunk from a whopping 74.2 percent to 28.5 percent."
Something's shifted. More and more people are acknowledging that the "Campus Free Speech Crisis" is either exaggerated or in remission. 's piece at NRO is only the most recent, though given the author, especially welcome. So what's going on?