Brilliant piece by billionaire shatters the myths of his peers. "We plutocrats are the problem" he says
Every line in this piece by is quotable. His thesis is, plutocrat to plutocrat, we're the problem.
Great read from , one of the most brilliant minds and thoughtful humans I know
Nick Hanauer's message to his fellow #plutocrats is simple, but hard for them to hear: You can only cure Trumpism by addressing the income inequality in the US (from 2017, but still so relevant now)
Written in early 2017 but ever more relevant. Quite extraordinary from a very wealthy man. "The only effective way to fight Trumpism is to address its cause by ensuring that the middle and working class do better."
Brilliance from on our political mess, income inequality, pitchforks, & a minimum living wage
"don’t console yourself for a minute that in electing a fellow plutocrat, our side won" warns plutocrat
One of greatest threats to our democracy is rising income inequality—we are all worse off from this growing divide
So many gems in this from . Makes you wonder if we have gone a little too far with capitalism
Must-read: Plutocrat shows fellow plutocrats raising wages is in their own best interest. (via )
Another classic Joint: To My Fellow Plutocrats: You Can Cure Trumpism via
"Pay your workers a decent wage and maybe you can stave off the pitchforks" Strong essay by
THIS. To My Fellow Plutocrats: You Can Cure Trumpism via
Simple, strong message from : The American people won't feel better until they're actually *paid more*
"Our new president was swept into power through exactly the kind of populist anger I predicted."
Great piece by These quotes need to become key talking points for every Democratic candidate.
A plutocrat's wake up call: Getting rid of Trump won't solve inequality. But a $15 min wage will. via
. with a phenomenal call to action to address economic inequality directly by increasing pay for workers
Seattle's tells fellow plutocrats only effective way to fight "Trumpism" is to boost the working class
If you read just one (more) thing today, please consider this via &
Smart piece by , who calls on fellow plutocrats to fight Trumpism by (gasp) paying people more money
Long, but MUST READ! Nick Hanauer in Politico - via
Seattle multimillionaire warns that the pitchforks are coming for America's plutocrats, Trump or no Trump
Here offers his fellow plutocrats a better way to deal with the rise of Trumpism
This Nick Hanauer piece is long on self-congratulation and short on insight, imo.
To My Fellow Plutocrats: You Can Cure Trumpism
To My Fellow Plutocrats: You Can Cure Trumpism
Blistering advice to plutocrats of the left who #resist Trump but do nothing about the factors that fueled his rise
Real - towering - threats to democracy, our economy and our shared future. Read this dire warning from