“Big Government to the Rescue?” My latest for on the right’s move to expand government powers to win the culture war.
This piece from is incredibly good.
Why are so many conservatives now embracing Big Government? via
A strong argument for accepting the imperfect workings of markets and limited government, rather than calling, as many on the left and right are now doing, for reaching for the heavy hand of government to “fix” problems.
"The fanatic will never be satisfied by liberal democracy. The easily triggered aesthete will feel uncomfortable from time to time. But radical attempts to subjugate civil society to a particular moral vision will fail as surely as previous efforts.."
"Here’s an idea for those who insist on conducting politics like a war. Think of principles as a force multiplier. If you’re right, the commanding heights of truth and justice impart an advantage." Great piece by via
Today in conservative snowflake news, ft. Josh Hawley.