"when the BJP & Hindutva are done lynching hapless Muslim cattle herders, murdering freethinkers, demonising liberal leftists & expunging Christian missionaries, they will come for who fail the purity test of what makes a true Hindu," argues .
With known terrorists now sitting in parliament, the BJP has successfully made the extreme fringe mainstream. But those who voted them into power will soon have their Martin Niemöller moment. My piece today
With every passing week Sanghis are validating my take here: The purity test for who is a "true Hindu" will get more and more stringent.
When fascist thugs of the incumbent BJP & its militant Hindutva outfits r done lynching Muslim cattle herders, freethinkers, demonising liberals & Christian missionaries, they will come knocking @ the door of those who fail the purity test of a true Hindu
is 100% correct about this.
My friend has written a piece which, while more impassioned than our usual fare, I feel is an important view worth hearing. #India