This story is riveting, and horrifying. We joke about Jacob Wohl, but hes a sociopath and con man who needs to spend his remaining years in prison. Catfished by Jacob Wohl by
This story about Jacob Wohl's apparent duping of Carolyne Cass ahead of the presser where he accused Robert Mueller of rape is a wild longread and includes allegations of deeply, deeply sinister behavior.
Catfished by Jacob Wohl
Wow. // Catfished by Jacob Wohl by
There is one off-the-wall, completely crazy detail in this piece: a woman was charmed by and then had sex with Jacob Wohl.
Read this story, a vipers' nest of delusion, stupidity, avarice, with dozens of "no... no they did not do that!" details. Wow. "Catfished by Jacob Wohl" by
What a fucking vipers' nest: "Catfished by Jacob Wohl" by