Best way to deal with head-motion effects in (f)MRI? Avoid it in the first place Custom-molded headcases have limited efficacy in reducing head motion for fMRI: Tactile feedback by a strip of tape, however, is highly effective:
For all worrying about removing motion-effects in fMRI / rs-fc, here is a simple solution: Just avoid it in the first place Funnily, this trick was common when I started imaging but got completely lost. Now "rediscovered" as Active head motion reduction
Reduce head motion during MRI with this one weird trick: But seriously, used 'tape on the forehead' method in my own research and it's nice to see a systematic study on this!
Our new article quantifying the benefits of a simple prospective MRI head motion reduction method we've been using at & for years has now been published (OA) in Hum Brain Mapp: (with , , )