I have a new post up describing an alternative model in campaign coverage, the citizens agenda style. It's broken down into ten steps that any size newsroom can follow. Here I want to explain why the US press needs a model like this heading into 2020. 1/
Want to avoid just getting sucked into the Trump vortex and do smart 2020 campaign reporting that actually, you know, facilitates democracy? Here ya go. #socialj by
Fifth on my list of choices beyond 'take the bait' or 'ignore the toddler' is to anchor 2020 coverage in a transparent and public agenda that derives from a creative act of listening. You have to know what your community wants the campaign to be about. 20/
I will be doing a workshop on the citizens agenda model for election coverage at 's engagement innovation summit in New York, Oct. 23-24. I am told there are some spots left.
Know anyone who has influence over campaign coverage in the votes that matter to you? They should know about the 'citizens agenda' model for covering an election. Details here: Here's how it worked in a local, city council election.
"The agenda you got by listening to voters helps you hold to mission when temptation is to ride the latest media storm.'" And that's why something like a "citizen's agenda" should be part of 2020 coverage. There's a whirlwind coming, made of news. END
I'm working with this week to call attention to an alternative model for election journalism, the citizens agenda style. Any newsroom that is considering it should tag and let us know your plans. My new post on how it works
"'What do voters want from the candidates,' as opposed to, 'what are the candidates saying and how are they spinning it,' represents a profound shift of focus." —Quote from , WBUR’s senior political reporter, in the comments at my NEW post.
From my new post: "You cannot keep from getting sucked into Trump’s agenda without a firm grasp on your own. But where does that agenda come from? It can’t come from campaign journalists. It has to originate with the voters you are trying to inform."
Here's how my new post ends. The title is, "Key steps in the citizens agenda style of campaign coverage."
"The citizens agenda is an editorial product, a synthesis. It involves art and judgment, not just data. You should be prepared to explain your thinking and take responsibility for what you included and left out." From my new post. I hope you will read it.
About "electorate first" campaign coverage. My new post may interest you.
But I think "electorate first" coverage can be pushed much further. That's why I wrote my new post, which I hope you will read. "Key steps in the citizens agenda style of campaign coverage." It's my most concise description of it yet. 17/