FINALLY!! We're launching the grassroots fully pro-EU march in July... slap-bang when the new PM is announced. Brexit has failed. It's time to change course, ditch Brexit and champion full membership of the EU. Chip into the campaign here -->
Dr on why we march for change... After 3 years in Brexit quagmire, polls show the public no longer want it. The mood has changed. So let's change narrative. Let's talk about keeping EU membership and fixing domestic problems. Join us:
Madeleina Kay nails it... With another referendum looming & polling repeatedly showing the public turning away from Brexit - we must build the case for the EU. It's what our British youth want, so let's talk about that future. Join us! -->
It's almost here!!! Join the MARCH FOR CHANGE!! No To Boris Yes To Europe Donate 👇👇👇
On July 20th, we are marching to change British politics. We are the people. And we are united. Donate to the march and make change happen. Our future is in the EU. #March4Change Donate
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