This is a great column, and expresses why so many of us feel out of step with the pessimism and shrillness of the current moment.
NYT columnist: Barack Obama won Nobel Peace Prize 'just for existing.'
This column is a book review, but much more than that, written by a man who knew the book’s subject well and writes about him, and much else, with great insight. Worth reading in a time when anti-US interventionism is again in vogue.
"Holbrooke deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, a slam-dunk case. Barack Obama, later his chilly nemesis, would win one just for existing. Nobody ever said life is just."
Excellent piece by my colleague about Richard Holbrooke. Yes, Holbrooke, was maddening, but he was right on the big issues: On Vietnam, the Khmer Rouge, admitting Vietnamese Refugees, Bosnia, AIDS, E Timor, Taliban negotiations
Richard Holbrooke and a certain myth of America via
"I did not weep just for a friend but also for the America of hope and uplifting ambition that [Richard] Holbrooke embodied, so entombed in tawdriness right now." 's review of George Packer’s book "Our Man".
"The notion that people contain multitudes....does not sit easily with all-out tribal warfare."