We actual alcoholics are hard enough to deal with please don’t turn “sober” into a smug “lifestyle” choice that ... still involves alcohol? (For me, that’s called “a relapse.”)
Drink, don’t drink, nobody cares. (Excluding actually sober people who may actually help people in need by discussing their actual sobriety). Not everything in your life has to be treated as a facet of your Brand.
“James Bond never had to worry about likes. And in a virtue-signaling culture, perhaps more status can be accrued advertising a gin-free martini than one made with Grey Goose.”
The New Sobriety: You no longer have to feel uncool if you don't drink, by via #alcohol
Great weekend reading on the different reasons why people choose sobriety. I stopped drinking about a month ago because I was tired of feeling like crap in the morning and of feeling like I needed a drink. My go to: Q tonic and lime.