Apollo 11 in Real Time is live! Relive the first landing on the Moon for #Apollo50th Includes all film footage, TV broadcasts, photographs, every word spoken, and more, including 11,000 hours of Mission Control audio never before made publicly available
Oh the Apollo 11 in real time site is live and it’s spectacular: listen in / watch the countdown to launch begin (L-15h)
50 years ago today, the #Apollo11 mission placed the first humans on the moon. Thanks to dedicated historians, we can relive that voyage in detail through film, photos & audio. Take some time to reflect on what people can achieve when they work together.
Did you enjoy Apollo 11 In Real Time last summer? Coming in March... Apollo 13 In Real Time! All the audio from Mission Control playable in real time. That's some 7,200 hours of audio that hasn't been heard in 50 years. Thanks #Apollo50th
Apollo 11 in Real-time: don't forget you can follow the mission along in real time exactly as it happened minute by minute 50 years ago #Apollo50
Today, the Apollo 11 White Team was “on console” at ’s recently restored Historical Mission Control (MOCR2). They re-experienced descent and landing exactly 50 years later using . #Apollo50th
Please, please do yourself a favor and take a look at "Apollo 11 in Real Time" -- a web mashup of original-source audio, video, and much more from the astronauts and Mission Control. It is beyond brilliant.
This web site that displays all the audio, video, and pictures from the Apollo 11 mission in "real time". It's exceptionally well done. A great thing to keep open today during the 50th anniversary of the landing.
You can listen in "real-time" to the Apollo 11 landing - the EVA is coming up in 2 hours! - here. It's quite amazing.
This is incredible: #Apollo11 in Real Time. Relive the first landing on the Moon for #Apollo50th Includes all footage, TV broadcasts, photographs, every word spoken, including 11K hours of Mission Control audio. by et al #Apollo
Sitting here watching . We’ve synchronized the feed so the countdown is proceeding in real-time + 50 years and it’s giving me chills.
reminder that you can relive #Apollo11 in real time right now - audio, video, the works, at the amazing site
1/ Most inspiring thing about the Apollo 11 mission is the level of teamwork and organization. The amazing Apollo 11 in Real-Time lets you listen to audio from every console position in mission control.
This is so cool. I just watched the #Apollo11 launch in real time. Just exactly 50 years later. 🤯
Apollo 11 in real time: recordings of the astronauts and mission control currently playing "live".
Happy 50th moon landing anniversary everyone!!!
As someone who was born in 1969, I have always loved the Apollo 11 mission. Now you can follow it in real time #Apollo50
Would like to see , but for Watergate.
50 years ago, the Apollo 11 crew were just waking up to the day of the landing.
This is simply wonderful. Apollo 11 in realtime.
Watch the Apollo 11 mission in real time For the TL;DR the recent documentary compiling original video and audio is quite good.
One of the really cool things about the feed is that it includes audio of chatter between the astronauts recorded on the Eagle during the loss-of-signal period, which was unavailable on earth during the actual mission.
Follow along LIVE (ish) 🤓with the #Apollo11 crew 🚀currently 51 hours into the mission, travelling 2,310.8 mph, Mach 3.0 at 314,778.5 km & counting! #Apollo50
Just over half an hour until the first human steps on the Moon at
About 15 minutes to go. Don't miss the chance to see this historic event exactly 50 sun laps later, to the minute! #Apollo50th #MoonLanding #firststeps
for those who want to see the shot I mentioned.
Less than 10 minutes to landing at
20 minutes to powered descent of the lunar lander at
10 minutes until descent of the Moon lander begins at
Wow, listening to is completely Proustian experience for me. Really, really well done.
Five minutes to undocking of the Eagle at with landing less than 3 hours away!
We need GPT2 to fill in all these gaps where Aldrin's mic keeps cutting out. #Apollo50th #MoonLanding #FirstSteps #GPT2
Love the joy in their voices, and the dude in mission control just grinning. 😄
Apollo 11 in Real-time
Did you miss this morning's launch of #Apollo11 (50 years ago, that is)? Rewind and join a minute before launch at
You all most likely know about this, but since I don’t remember it coming across my timeline, here’s an amazing site where you can follow the Apollo 11 journey in real (past) time
Current status: listening to Apollo 11 in real time.
Well there goes today's productivity: re-live the Apollo 11 mission in real time! #Apollo50
On 23 October 1969, the Apollo 11 Lunar Samples arrived in . You can follow the Apollo 11 journey in real time here: