Announcing TrueSciPhi Radio, streaming deep catalogs of philosophy podcasts from these talented participants: P. Adamson - D. Edmonds - B. Lam - M. McCarthy - N. Warburton -
So, what's TrueSciPhi Radio? It's an internet radio station churning through nearly 900 episodes of some of the best philosophy podcasts, playing them on continuous shuffle. You're two taps from listening: Use the link below, then press play
"Philosophy Bites: Fiona Macpherson on Hallucination" now playing on TrueSciPhi Radio:
Ever wanted to listen to some philosophy podcasts but were overwhelmed by where to start? Tune in to TrueSciPhi Radio to catch up on years of Philosophy Bites, Hi-Phi Nation, The Happier Hour, A History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, and more
Airing for next 3 hours: A playlist of podcast episodes on the theme of Existentialism, as selected by ! Tune in here to listen now: Or access the playlist and listen anytime at
Airing over next six hours: A series of episodes on the nature of philosophy. Tune in here
Looking for some new ideas?
Portals to philosophy podcasts: TrueSciPhi Radio, a streaming station continuously playing deep catalogs from eight series (by permission of their creators): . Just follow link & press play. Effortless serendipity.
Streaming over the next 12 hours: An "existentialism" playlist by , featuring conversations with , , , and more. Tune in here: Links to episodes:
Radio that feeds the brain. TrueSciPhi Radio -
Airing for next 3 hours: Politics: Wendy Brown on tolerance, on importance of arguments in politics, Anne Phillips on political representation, Plato's political philosophy, & more from , , &
Starting now: Ten hours on topics including philosophy & physics, distinguishing science from pseudoscience, scientific realism, Presocratic philosophy, metaphysics, infinity, probability, laws of nature, physicalism... you get the idea. Tune in here
Starting now: Two hours on Epicureanism with Catherine Wilson, James Warren, , , & . Tune in here:
Starting now: 8 hours on the nature of philosophy, featuring 21 episodes from , , , , and . Two clicks to tune in to the stream:
Want more Hume? Starting now on TrueSciPhi Radio: Nigel Warburton's "Philosophy: The Classics" looks at Hume's views on issues including induction, causation, & miracles. Tune in now here: Or here anytime for podcast:
Happy to announce a new addition to the radio lineup! "Elucidations: A University of Chicago Philosophy Podcast," hosted by . Find 115 episodes at , or catch them serendipitously among other thought-provoking shows at
I could listen to this philosophy radio all day long