Those damn white males communicating science to the public for free in their spare time...
A "meta-analysis" of meta-psychology blogs. My comment: somewhat disappointed. A few descriptive statistics about gender and age don't make for a compelling story. Most useful: Table of blogs in the Supplementary Materials.
Who Posts What About Whom, and With What Effect? The paper about my psych methods blog feed has been published! By Nicholas, Bai, & Fiske Data + code
"Bloggers mostly represented psychology’s traditional leaderships’ demographic categories: primarily male, mid- to late career, associated with American institutions, White, with established citation counts"
Remember too that Susan Fiske had argued that the 'data thugs' were going after women. To her credit she then did a (rather weak but nevertheless objective) analysis that showed just the opposite 2/2
An analysis of #psychology blogs finds that the few posts that mentioned individual researchers substantially focused on replication issues and received more views, social-media impact, comments, and citations.