I wrote a piece that argues something I've been thinking lately: that we've been overemphasizing "trust" in the post-Trump discussions about journalism and underemphasizing the fact that many people just think reading lots of news makes their lives worse.
"I worry that we’re missing the larger group that just doesn’t like the meal we’ve been serving. The ones who find the news we produce disempowering, stress-inducing, and, frankly, not worth the time and effort." -
Many people decide, as rational economic actors, they’re better off without us. How can we convince them otherwise?
these comments from real people on news are ... depressing and instructive
The proportion of people in the world actively avoiding news is increasing to at last count 32% globally, many because the news makes them unhappy and depressed. Which in fact seems a very reasonable response. Ignorance is bliss?
Why avoid the news? Maybe not so much because it's fake, but because it's just so HORRIBLY DEPRESSING. Which is a fair point. Ouch.
Why do some people avoid news? Because they don’t trust us — or because they don’t think we add value to their lives?
Maybe mistrust is overrated as the reason people avoid news. Maybe it's negativity. and a jaw-dropping stream of commenters make the case for . Journalism is painful to consume — and we wonder why no one will pay for it.