This is a special edition blog post. Nothing to do with finance, and everything to do with life, and why you gotta stay in the game. Apologies for how personal it is, but my son and I needed to tell it.
Absolutely beautiful story from portfolio manager about a lost son and an amazing turnaround. The ending was crazy!
This post by is the best thing you'll read.
Just stop what you’re doing and read this. Read it all the way through to the end. You’ll thank me. And we can all thank for writing it.
Well this article made me cry in a good way.
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Got this one from my friend . Never give up hope, and never doubt that small kindnesses to fellow humans can make immense differences in their lives.
Who's chopping onions around here?!? Thanks for sharing this special story .
LOVE this—CHILLS. Incredible story. STAY. IN. THE. GAME.
For those who need a smile at the end of a Thursday. This is one of those stories that reminds you that sometime a tiny act of kindness can change the game for the person on the receiving end.
please read, til the end. h/t thank you for sharing
This was is beautiful
Truly omg this post. Stay in the Game - Albert Bridge Capital via
Stay in the Game