Women get 80% of all cases of autoimmune disease. A new theory suggests placentas might be the reason why:
Here’s a link to that fascinating story I talked about on the “pregnancy-compensation hypothesis” and autoimmune disease. Hope I did it justice !
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“I’ve never been more excited about an idea than I am about this,” says a researcher who put forward a new theory about why autoimmune diseases disproportionately affect women. explains
Best part of 's latest: “I would say there’s not one theory that explains all [autoimmune diseases],” says Nikolaos Patsopoulos, an assistant professor of neurology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “This isn’t Lord of the Rings.”
Grateful for the opportunity to work with and Ken Buetow on a topic that I find so fascinating and important for Ev Anth/Ev Med/Ev everything and women's health, in general! Thanks for the great write-up
Pregnancy Compensation Hypothesis is discussed on the Atlantic!
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'without a more or less constant pushback from placentas during pregnancies—the pushback that women’s #immune systems have evolved to anticipate—the immune system can get too aggressive.. which is how #autoimmune diseases set in.' #rpl #miscarriage
She and her team theorized that the reason women get far more autoimmune disease than men is because evolutionarily, our bodies are wired to balance the presence of many pregnancies throughout our lifetime with an immune response.