More gibbering nonsense from Scientific American arguing testosterone isn't relevant for influencing athletic performance. I wonder why it's a banned substance in nearly every sports league on Earth and is considered a "performance enhancing" drug?
Why did Scientific American publish an article by a professor in Women's and Gender Studies about effects of testosterone? Were there no scientists available who actually study it?
Our newest piece in Scientific American. "4 Myths about Testosterone: Don’t let sports competitions be shaped by misguided 'T Talk'" I've been waiting to use the second image for a while....
Opinion: There are profound disagreements about the evidence over the role of testosterone in athleticism. Unwanted manipulations of women athletes’ bodily integrity contravene both international human rights law and medical ethics.
And finally, for now, here's a recent example of a multivariate sign flip far from my area of expertise, where I'd welcome suggestions. A bivariate positive relationship that flips to negative when one 'controls for weight' (body mass, in kilos):