This is only the start of college closures... "At the peak, in 2013–2014, the U.S. was home to 3,122 four-year colleges, according to Education Department data; four years later, the number had dropped by 7 percent, to 2,902."
this is a very good story from on Newbury, how small colleges die, and the things they take with them when they go
Great piece of reporting from on what closing days of a college are like - and how more is to come. Sobering.
Dozens of colleges are going to close in the coming months - largely liberal arts schools who serve the first generation to go to college
7% of four-year institutions in the US have closed their doors since 2013-2014, with for-profit and small liberal arts colleges disproportionately being pushed out of the higher-education landscape.
The collapse of Newbury college and the disruption of higher education. Per article, number of colleges peaked in 13-14 at 3122, by 2017 fell to 2902. Online programs implicated as a factor.