We tracked down 21 of the Democrats running for president and asked them all the same 18 questions. Watch their answers.
Tremendous project by The NYT. 18 Questions, 21 Candidates: Here’s What They Said (Biden is the only one who declined to address the questions)
Spending my morning watching this giant video project -- incredibly fascinating to see how different each of the candidates' answers to the Qs, demeanors and body language are >>
We tracked down the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates and asked them the same set of 18 questions. 21 of them sat down with us on camera and gave us their thoughts on topics ranging from the political to the personal.
There are a lot of Democrats running for U.S. president. It’s confusing, we know. That’s why we tracked down 21 of them and asked them the same 18 questions. They agree on a lot, but from income equality to climate change, there were telling differences
This is an incredible piece of work. Take time to explore it. By question. By candidate. Just don’t look for Joe Biden’s answers. He refused to participate. via
This terrific feature — 21 of the Democratic candidates answering a bunch of smart questions on camera — is worth your time. It was apparently not worth Joe Biden’s — he’s the only major candidate who declined multiple requests to participate 🤷🏻‍♂️
21 Dem candidates responded to the same set of NYT questions. Joe Biden declined to, despite repeated inquiries since April. Why?
Does anyone deserve a billion dollars? Amy Klobuchar and Kamala Harris said America should be a place where you could achieve the unimaginable. Kirsten Gillibrand bluntly said "no one" does. And Bernie Sanders denounced "grotesque" levels of inequality.
Brilliant project by , , , and many, many more. Check it out.
The New York Times asked 21 candidates for President the same 18 questions. Good project. A lot of work. Better than another 'Biden still ahead' story. But where do those 18 questions come from? From the political journalists at the New York Times.
***Friendly reminder*** If there are candidates you didn’t hear enough from in the debates, you can hear a lot more from them in our video interviews here
Why not get the democratic candidates, put them in front of a camera and just… ask them questions? A thing I've been helping put together
Love this. Better than a televised debate. Every candidate gets to answer every question - and some are tough ones. Worth watching. via
This is one reason I love the era of digital journalism. Here’s an incisive, creative and accessible feature introducing the Democratic presidential candidates. (Note the absence of ) via
18 Questions, 21 Candidates: Here’s What They Said
Well this was revealing. My colleague put it best when he said he thought Biden's answers were the most thoughtful. (Biden did not participate.)
This is a really clever way of presenting the answers to a pretty good set of questions.
The president is America's head of state, so it stands to reason the asked the presidential candidates: "Do you think the United States meets international standards of human rights?" Oh, wait, that's not the country they were asked about.
Are you open to expanding the size of the SCOTUS? Does anyone deserve to have a billion dollars? Do you think Israel meets international standards of human rights? A real public service: the NYT asked nearly every Dem candidate the same 18 questions