Today, three former Facebook content moderators are going on the record to talk about working conditions at their site in Tampa, FL. Their office was filthy, and their work was grim. Last year, a moderator had a heart attack at his desk and died
Last year, Facebook had so many videos of organ harvesting being uploaded to the site they couldn't keep up.
At a Facebook moderation site: Physical fights are common Workers have found pubic hair, bodily waste at their desks The office’s only bathroom has repeatedly been found smeared w/feces, menstrual blood One person has died, others fear for their lives
I read this story at a Facebook-sponsored beach villa in Cannes where they were passing out fancy charcuterie and ferrying people on boats to a private island.
15,000 people looking at child abuse, animal killings and other types of graphic violence day in and day out. just so a website can exist. this is the human cost of facebook
Anyone who holds a single $FB share needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror today and ask themselves if the profits and ensuing stock appreciation are worth the cost of human lives, psyches, identities and humanity.
Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose desperate working conditions
The excellent ⁦⁩ does it again, fairly and surgically laying out the ugly personal cost of the social network’s platform. Think we are too hard on FB? Think again: Facebook moderators break NDAs to expose desperate working conditions
I’m not gonna stop posting until I hear from you guys that you read this and shared it. Talk to me! EXCELLENT piece by .
Former Facebook content moderator, when asked how to fix the site: "It needs to shut down."
Facebook’s content moderation site in Tampa, FL, operated by Cognizant, is its lowest-performing site in North America. Three former Facebook moderators are breaking their NDAs and going on the record to discuss extreme working conditions
An absolute nightmare.
This is so unspeakably grim. These workers deserve better treatment from Facebook, regardless if they are outsourced contractors. And Florida NEEDS to pass a law to guarantee paid sick leave.
If you’re still on ⁦⁩, you must read today’s tremendous ⁦⁩ story by on content moderators. It raises troubling questions about Facebook & the contractor economy. Casey and The Verge deserve awards for this.
Voyons comment les RP de Facebook vont répondre à cette horreur
Must-read ⁦⁦⁩ expose on Facebook’s moderation facility in Tampa, Florida - three moderators broke their NDAs to go on the record and tell their stories on video. This is a slow-burning crisis.
. with more excellent reporting on what sounds like a horrific work environment at Cognizant, the firm with a $200 million contract to moderate controversial and disturbing content on Facebook via
At a high level, it seems like the labor abuses in this story happen in part because Facebook has decided moderation is low-value
"Bodies in Seats" Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose desperate working conditions. (, )
“At Facebook’s worst-performing content moderation site in North America, one contractor has died, and others say they fear for their lives”
Facebook staffer had heart attack at desk + died last year - 2 sexual harassment cases filed against coworkers since April - Workers report only bathroom often found smeared with feces + menstrual blood - Verbal + physical fights at office common + theft
Given the terrible work conditions for moderators and it is not surprise their site is full of hate speech and misinformation...I think the only solution is breaking up the company and regulate for what it is: Media!
The tech industry has a history of outsourcing its worst jobs. Apple had Foxconn, now Facebook has Cognizant. Critical reporting from on life at Facebook's worst-performing content moderation site.
Another must read from ⁦⁩ on the plight of Facebook's content moderators. Will it destroy the internet if platforms vetted content before it is uploaded? As it stands, the current practice is literally killing people. Yes. I know the law.
The human cost of the internet.
Here's all the artwork for the amazing story "Bodies in Seats" over at . Please read if you haven't already!
This is a must-read. Facebook outsources moderation to entry-level contractors conned into spending their days reviewing graphic violence & disturbing content for low pay, w horrifying working conditions and no psychological support.
"If you believe [social media content moderation] is a low-skill job that will someday be done primarily by algorithms, you probably would not [hire all of those workers as full-time employees]." Complex topic, challenging read — by in .
Three Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose a company in crisis — follows up on his earlier Facebook expose with this damning report on how the company is treating the people tasked with making the social network "safer". via
Great piece by that really makes the case that Facebook content moderators, like all of us, deserve a strong union to protect against these kinds of horrific working conditions
Remember when I worked here?
If you'd like to read our stories, here's The Trauma Floor: And here's Bodies in Seats:
Content moderation is the social media world equivalent of a dangerous sweatshop. ⁦⁩ uses contract workers, rather than employees, to do it; then takes no responsibility when those workers suffer.
I’m doing a Reddit AMA about this piece Tuesday at 9A PT / 12P ET. I hope you’ll read and send me your questions!
Reading this incredibly disturbing account by for The makes me think we need a whole other company just to investigate what goes on at Facebook, and tell it publicly. Of course there's no business model for that.
Judging by this story on Facebook’s “content moderation”—which adds to the pioneering work by and —Facebook’s expansion into financial services should be smooth, since it’s such an easy thing to manage, especially across borders.
Three Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose a company in crisis #sociology
Three Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose inhuman working conditions and exploitation. via
"After regular exposure to graphic violence and child exploitation, many workers are subsequently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and related conditions." #NihilismAndTechnology
Important piece by . Facebook needs to provide post-employment mental health support for content moderators
“After regular exposure to graphic violence and child exploitation, many workers are subsequently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and related conditions.” #PTSD #SiliconValley
Read this and watch the video. A few thoughts: 1. There are some terrible people in the world 2. FB can be a horrible company to work for 3. FB places impossible demands on its staff bec of the impossible demands from the public/users
Bodies in seats: Three Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose a company in crisis
Facebook moderators break NDAs to describe grim working conditions
So Facebook has been around 15 years, always with a problem of some users uploading horrifying content. Scale intensifies the issues. But the company talks about these consequences like they’re new. read
Imagine moderating content all day every day. Preview: It's worse than that.
This latest report on Facebook moderators says so much about humanity beyond what kind of garbage is on Facebook, but it says that too!
Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose desperate working conditions, By Casey Newton /
Will be interesting to watch $CTSH in light of reporting like this from
As we grew, we tried to automate some approval but we had to have real people look at increasingly massive numbers of photos. We now call this "content moderation." Everyone should read this article and understand the traumatic side effects of social.
Three Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose a company in crisis
This story is pretty damning, but... How do they know what kind of hair it is?