“If you’re African-American and you’re in the top 20 percent of the applicant pool, you have a more than 50-percent chance of getting admitted to Harvard. If you’re Asian-American and in the top 20 percent, you have a 5-percent chance of getting admitted.”
Glenn Loury summarizing some of the uncomfortable facts unearthed in the Harvard anti-Asian discrimination lawsuit
Interview with my friend and colleague, Glenn Loury. Many interesting personal stories, too: Q: In 1982, at the age of 33, you became the first African-American to earn tenure in the Harvard economics department. What was that like? A: Pure agony.
The world would be a better place with more people like
Excellent interview with covering many topics, including the fundamental dishonesty of current race-based discussions and how thoroughly racist Harvard's admission policies are (ironic, given the week's news).
Glenn Loury has spent decades studying the black experience in America. He sounds off on race, surviving public humiliation, and being willing to change his mind.
"The university will accede to accommodating the presence of African-Americans by lowering its standards because the vitality of the institution is not at stake, but the reputation of the institution is."
Fascinating interview with Glenn Loury
Black conservative to liberal back to conservative? speaks ab his journey. Self-recommending. via
‘Affirmative Action Is Not About Equality. It’s About Covering Ass.’