Beef is confusing. Most environmentalists say we should avoid it, while others say it might be the key to rebuilding soil health and addressing climate change. Who do we believe? And what should we eat? It turns out some simple "Beef Rules" might help.
“Manure production of feedlots is staggering: Animal feedlots in US (incl cattle, hogs, chickens, other) produce estimatd 2 billion tons of manure every year, with no sewage treatment. That’s over 130 X production of all human..”   #Veganuary
To beef or not to beef? Excellent article by explaining the many harms and potential benefits of beef production, in all of its complex nuance. Well worth the read! #eatfortheplanet
Grass-fed beef can be better for the environment than feedlot beef, but can it meet the American demand? #ProjectDrawdown's shares some basic rules to guide the environmentally-responsible consumption of #beef. #foodwaste
"My relationship with beef is going to be simple: eat less, waste none, and try to source it from grass." Thank you Jonathan Foley for this crystal clear summary of the current climate vs. beef debate
This piece on food, esp beef, by gets at the needed nuance. I know we want simple yes/no's but sometimes the answer really is "it depends" - it's useful to hear the complexity. I particularly appreciate the call to keep discussing openly.
Timely given the Impossible Food- Regenerative Grazing kerfuffle outlined by Civil Eats today, Project Drawdown’s Jonathan Foley steps in with “Beef Rules” to unknowingly referee cc:
Great article trying to cut through the claims and counter-claims regarding beef - 3 simple rules from "eat less beef, waste none (its one of most resource intensive food sources we have) and try to source it from grasslands” 
Want to help the planet, but are confused about how to manage your beef consumption? Here are a few rules: 1. Eat less 2. Don't waste any and 3. Eat grass-raised. #conservation #biodiversity
Here’s ’s recent take.
A great discussion, and three simple rules, for beef in our diets and food system, from #foodsecurity
It's easy to get confused about beef, and whether eating it is good or bad for the environment. Here are some ideas that might help sort out the issues.
Great stuff here from on eating beef. Here are some best practices for all of us to consider: 1) Eat much less beef. 2) Waste none of it. 3) Source it from soil-building grasslands.
An excellent, balanced piece. Well worth a read. Beef Rules by
Confused about beef, and whether it's good or bad for the environment? You're not alone.