“The problem is that we don’t have enough data. When a company does not have this type of evidence, then they will go direct to the consumer market,” Garlich said. via #patientsafety #bioethics #stemcells
The former CEO of Meredith Corp. credits stem cells for his recovery from knee pain. But experts say that 2 years of physical therapy may really be responsible for his progress.
A Regenexx marketing booklet says 70% of orthopedic surgeries “can be completely avoided with a Regenexx procedure” — a claim Fu called “silly.” via
“This definitely is not a high-quality, proven treatment,” said Dr. Freddie Fu, chairman of orthopedic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh () Medical Center. via
"The story ruffled some feathers in Iowa." Good work ! Original reporting here:
Pushy "stem cell" company gets employers to force workers to try their unproven and dubious treatments reports
When the prey for unproven stem cell therapies extends from patients to employers by
Amanda Lynch thought spending $7700 out of pocket for stem cells was a bargain, compared to price of knee surgery. But her pain persisted, and she needed surgery anyway, costing her another $16,000.
Thinking about getting stem cell injections for your aching joints? Read this first. Two patients describe how the treatments wasted their time -- and money. via
It worked for the boss. Why companies may cover expensive controversial treatments.
Suffering from knee pain and wondering what to do? has you covered. Read about risks/benefits of knee replacement surgery, and stem cell injections and