This lede is amazing, this entire story is amazing, and the confusing honesty of just about everyone involved is amazing.
"Couples aren't having sex on honeymoons because they're too busy bickering over Instagram posts" might be the most depressing thing I've ever read about modernity
Speaking of weddings and influencer culture I loved this piece on the pressure to make it seem like you’re having the time of your life on your Honeymoon too
Oh man: Honeymoon Hashtag Hell - The New York Times
A lot of stories about social media are really stories about people needing different friends.
So I’m starting to wonder how well these crazy kids knew each other before they got married...
hmm, texting-app-based therapy seller has a business unit on social media dependency
What's baffling about stories like these is that the photos are never that good! There's such a marginal difference between their carefully edited perfect shots & random pics so many of us take. How do they not see that? Is photo dysmorphia a thing?
This is a world that has gone completely mad. The long term price will be large Honeymoon Hashtag Hell - The New York Times