"The best — maybe the only? — real, direct measure of “innovation” is change in human behaviour. No small innovation ever caused a large shift in how people spend their time and no large one has ever failed to do so." A classic, from
“The answer to “Why?” is “because why the fuck else would you even want to be alive but to do things as well as you can?”” — , 2013, in an internal memo to the Slack team
Thursday energy: a note from to his team 2 weeks before their preview release of Slack - "We Don't Sell Saddles Here". I revisit this post often. Congratulations to the entire team on this morning and the path onwards!
In 2013, two weeks before the launch of Slack's beta and well before its historic rise, sent the following memo to his entire company, detailing how Slack was not selling software, but selling organizational transformation /6
"We get 0 points for getting a feature out the door if it is not actually contributing to making the experience better for users. None of the work we are doing to develop the product is an end in itself; it all must be squarely aimed at the larger purpose"
1/ Re-read this internal email wrote to the team before the launch of Slack (thx to ): Some thoughts I had...