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An incredible (and hopeful) new study on honesty: Across 40 countries, people are more likely to return planted wallets when they contain money, esp a lot of money. A pattern economists didn't predict, and consistent with broad altruistic concern.
Thoughts on et al. When I first read this paper, I was tepid. A study showing people aren’t selfish jerks. But as I spent more time thinking about the paper and as it evolved it became clear the authors had done something very impressive. 1/15
National differences in the likelihood of returning a lost wallet to its owner. Notice that, in most countries, people were *more* likely to return the wallet when it had money in it. (!)
#Civic honesty around the globe. What would you do if you find a wallet? An interesting experiment examining the trade-off between honesty & self-interest in 335 cities in 40 countries. Here, the article:
Who would have thought that one day academic economists would *overestimate* the prevalence of prosocial behavior in the field? The 300 economists surveyed in the fascinating lost-wallet study just did. Cool paper by et al:
A cool new study finds that people around the world are more (NOT less) likely to return a lost wallet when it has money in it— and they're even more likely to return when it has a lot of money in it (Also: yikes, do better China)
It's as if people care about anonymous strangers, or have principles (or something). But, this varies dramatically across societies.
Fascinating behavioural study. The more money people find in a lost wallet, the more likely are to return it to the owner. And aside but depressing to see how far down the US and UK are here, way behind the Nordics.
Fascinating international study on honesty: 17,300 (allegedly lost) wallets were hand out in 40 countries in: banks, theaters, museums, hotels, police stations,... Money inside ($13) 👉 More likely to be returned to the (fictitious) owner. ht
The Netherlands is one of the best countries in the world to lose your wallet, if you want to get it back
Results of the largest study to date as to whether strangers return wallets: I find variance among countries most interesting. These seem to correlate with their 'survival vs. self expression' values. Yet this is even true with wallets with no cash!...
I have so much admiration for this study. I think the interpretation remains questionable. But that's fine. It is exactly what social science should do. Think big, bush boundaries, change our thinking.
Super interesting paper!! People are more likely to return a lost wallet when it contains money, compared to when it does not contain money! Result holds across the world! Although there are country differences. Published in Science!
Brilliant research on civic honesty. Unexpected results challenge popular and professional assumptions about self-interest and altruism. Would you return a lost wallet full of money?
A great filed study on dishonesty showing what drives us -- mostly rationalization and social norms
Fantastically interesting new experiment (N=17,000) out in ⁦⁩ reports that around the globe, people are more likely to return lost wallets when they contain MORE money
Oh, where in the world is there civic honesty and altruism? A v interesting experiment in 17,000 people in 40 countries and by
Civic honesty. People are inherently good.
Across 355 cities in 40 countries, people were more likely to contact the owners of lost wallets when those wallets had more money in them, a trend that neither everyday people nor economists predicted. A very cool new paper in Science about Civic Honesty!
Contrary to professional economists' and non-experts' predictions, "people were more likely to return wallets that contained relatively larger amounts of money. [...] across [40] countries...” (N > 17,000 wallets)
Civic honesty around the globe
Civic honesty around the globe | Science
"When people stand to heavily profit from engaging in dishonest behavior, the desire to cheat increases but so do the psychological costs of viewing oneself as a thief—and sometimes the latter will dominate the former."
Fascinating cross-cultural study. Would people be more or less likely to report a wallet they found if it contains a lot of money or no money? Counterintuitively turns out people are *more* likely to report the wallet if there is more money in it
Lost my wallet in the Netherlands when I was a kid, it was sent back to me. Not surprising after all... Civic honesty around the globe
Civic honesty around the globe. Wow! This is *such* an awesome experiment. Implications for IR: “Additional questioning suggests that respondents’ predictions reflected a mental model of human behavior that exaggerates the role of narrow self-interest”
Great naturalistic study on civic honesty around the globe - Shows the importance of reputation and concern for others in moral behavior
Civic honesty around the globe . Researchers left wallets laying around, recorded who contacted the owners. Guess before you click - which were the most and least honest countries?
I can see how this article has newspaper appeal, but maybe people smarter than me can explain how this article advances our understanding of humans?