Doug Jones prosecuted the racist Birmingham bomber and is a great Senator. His opponent will be either Jeff Sessions or Roy Moore and if that doesn’t make you want to send money I don’t know what to tell you. But seriously please give. Thanks.
It's true folks -- our latest poll has us winning this race by 1 point. It's going to be neck and neck until Election Day, and I could really use your help.
Doug Jones is great Senator and an even better human being. We need more people like him in Washington. This race is closer than people think. If you want to chip in $5, it would go a long way
Thank you Senator for doing the right thing.
Link to give here.
I just donated to Doug Jones' re-election campaign for Senator from Alabama. Please join me
Our entire nation has come to know as a man of impressive courage, principle, and diligence. Doug is a leader we can always count on to do the right thing—regardless of politics. Please, chip in to help get this man re-elected