I wrote about my time attending-- and getting thrown out of -- AutismOne, the nation's largest anti-vaccine conference. (The replies to this tweet will be filled with insistences that AutismOne is not "anti-vaccine" but pro "safe vaccine.")
Really good piece on America's largest anti-vax conference. It's worth thinking about how the entire "movement" is driven by people intent on demonizing people with autism.
The number of times I share a story on social media is proportional to how unpleasant the story was to report, usually
And this is my most recent big feature, which edited until it didn't suck. I will miss getting kicked out of places for Jez specifically and also lectured on being Satan's spawn because of the name of the website. Sigh.
Inside the Radicalization-Engine of AutismOne, the Largest Anti-Vaccine Conference in America
. : Everything I Learned While Getting Kicked out of America's Biggest Anti-Vaccine Conference #vaccineswork