Essential happiness hack via ⁦⁩: Set aside time to reflect on being grateful for good things you have. I’ll add: Gratitude doesn’t mean becoming complacent; it means valuing what’s good in life & thereby reducing constant desire for more
Our minds dwell on what we have in comparison to others, but Yale’s happiness class offers 3 ways to change that mindset: —Temporarily deprive yourself of things you take for granted, like air conditioning —Invest in experiences —Keep a gratitude journal
"Even when people, conventionally speaking, succeed—get into a top college, make lots of money, or accumulate prestige and accolades—they are often left feeling unsatisfied." How can we be happy? Yale psychologist has some ideas
The most popular course at Yale is on the psychology of happiness. has a simplified study guide
I see has a piece on Laurie Santos's famous Yale happiness class: Now may be a good time to re-up my take-down of the class in the :
Why Successful People are not Happy: (1) We acclimate quickly (e.g., we adapt to the new car), (2) We compare ourselves to our peers (In other words-- stop checking Facebook to see how your vacation compares)