"In recent months, SoftBank investors informed Brandless executives that the firm may not pay out the remaining $100 million of its investment unless Brandless starts meeting financial targets."
Good reminder here that #Softbank investments usually are doled out in tranches. The upfront, headline amount you always read in the press is only half the story. via
The Brandless investment was always strange. So here we go...
What happens when a startup that took piles of SoftBank 💰💰💰 runs into problems? Read this great story on Brandless, the generic-label retailer of food staples and household items
When SoftBank invested more than $200 million in Brandless, which was around a year old, many wondered how it would turn out. There has been turmoil. The status, from , with a scoop about the new CEO.
Why is SoftBank cool with cash burning Uber and WeWork and not cool with wildly cash burning Brandless?
It seems that it's no longer your company when you take money from