I went to Cannes to party with the ad industry. The beaches were topless, the rosé was bottomless, the expense accounts endless. I managed to write a column: The global economy runs on parties. The robots may take over, but schmoozing will never die.
For much of the glamorous week in Cannes, I was plagued by a nagging question about the ad business and the global economy: What were all these people doing here? by
I went on a tough reporting trip to Cannes and wrote about it for . Join me to chat about it!
The Global Economy Runs on Parties You’re Not Invited To. Here’s my dispatch from Cannes on the continued importance of schmooze in a world supposedly run by machines. Join me at 12:30/3:30 to chat here live about it!!
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. is totally right. The global economy runs on parties you’re not invited to.