Its here - the ISW report warning that #ISIS is back in #Iraq & #Syria From me with ’s Brandon Wallace & Jason Zhou Full report available online here: Key points & graphics to follow 1/
Analysis of where ISIS is at and where it might be going, complete with lots of actual data, maps and infographics... all in one place. Highly recommended, even for close watchers wishing to compare notes & details with their own assessment.
"Fears Rise of an ISIS Comeback" from , citing the new assessment on #ISIS resurgence in #Iraq and #Syria by : . Read the in-depth report:
In the same piece, Amb. Jeffrey describes 's estimate that ISIS "likely has the capability to seize another major urban center in Syria or Iraq" as "bullshit."
#ISIS's Second Comeback: „A group of researchers at the Institute for the Study of War warned in a Report that ISIS is capable of making a sudden comeback in the Middle East that could be 'faster and even more devastating' than 2014“. Download it from here