Livestreaming in a few minutes: What's the psychology behind antifa? I'll be interviewing an antifa veteran about the culture, politics, goals, & motives of radical Leftist protesters.
Going to do my first livestream on my YouTube channel in about 90 minutes, with . Details to follow....
We're livestreaming in 15 minutes (1 pm MST; 3 pm EST) with to introduce my youtube channel, explain our 'online house' strategy, and talk about how academics can spread our ideas in new ways.
PS my youtube channel is
Happy to reach 50k views and 30 videos on my YouTube channel. Thanks to my subscribers. Most popular video so far is 'The Psychology of Antifa':
In a couple of minutes, and I will livestream about academia vs. social media as career tracks/platforms for independent-minded thinkers
For independent-minded thinkers, which is a better career track & income platform: academia or social media? and I will livestream about this on my YouTube channel in about 20 mins or so.