Together with our global partners we managed to register €7.4 billion (equivalent to $8 billion) in pledges during the Coronavirus #GlobalResponse event. We thank everyone for their support. The pledging marathon will continue. Read more here:
Proud, thrilled and grateful: decided to appoint me as Director General International Cooperation and Development #DEVCO as of 1 October, taking over from my good friend
We have launched a European team of scientific experts composed of epidemiologists and virologists from different EU countries to strengthen EU coordination and medical response to #COVID19. More about the panel of experts here →
#Mercosur #trade deal done! A historical moment. In the midst of international trade tensions, we are sending a strong signal that we stand for rules-based trade. Largest trade agreement 🇪🇺 has ever concluded. Positive outcome for environment & consumers.
We kick-off a campaign with to step up the mobilisation of funding and overcome this pandemic It will culminate in a Global Pledging Summit on 27 June. More on “Global Goal: Unite For Our Future” → #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus | #GlobalGoalUnite
We take note of the decision to postpone #COP26. The ⁦⁩ will not slow down our work domestically or internationally to prepare for an ambitious COP26. Full statement via link.
#VaccinesWork has granted the first-ever market authorisation for a vaccine against Ebola. Read more here:
🇪🇺🇦🇷🇧🇷🇵🇾🇺🇾 History in the making: We have an agreement for an #EUtrade deal with Mercosur trade area comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay & Uruguay!🎉 Read the highlights of the political agreement: 🌎 Learn about the trade deal:
"Overnight, our way of life has changed. Our streets have emptied. Our doors have shut. But however tough the virus is, the people of Europe are just as tough." Full speech by on #Coronavirus at the European Parliament in all EU languages →
This morning, I announced to our global partners that the will keep leading the way on climate action. Tomorrow, we will present the #EUGreenDeal. We want to make the EU climate-neutral by 2050. My speech here ⬇️ #COP25 #TimeForAction
It's out, here's the deal
📑We have launched an infringement procedure against the #UK 🇬🇧 for failing to name a candidate for EU Commissioner #Brexit 👇
Great news! With €47.5M, EU is funding 17 #research projects to tackle #COVID19. Thank you #EU for your commitment to protecting your citizens' health.
Today we turn a page with the new #EU4Health Programme: A game changer for our health. #COVID19 showed that we need much more 🇪🇺 in the area of health. Investment in healthcare is key for the future. #StrongerTogether #NextGenerationEU
Congratulations to , and for closing a deal on the #Budget2020. R&D remains as a top priority for the #EU. For 2020, #H2020 will get €13.46 bn, i.e an increase of €302m above the draft budget we proposed. Details 👇
.'s new aid package to assist & target funding to ensure countries with weaker health systems are not left behind. Our goal is to contain outbreak globally. #COVID19: EU working on all fronts, €232 million for 🌍 efforts to fight virus
Thank you for working on all fronts to strengthen preparedness and support the global #COVID19 response. is grateful for your financial contribution of €232 million to fight the outbreak. Together, for a healthier, safer world.
Striking: European think tanks ask for a coordinated EU response to #Covid_19 crisis in developing countries, and the next day announces #TeamEurope package of support of EUR 20+bn. Same analysis, nearly same words, #TeamEurope in action
The distribution of portfolios to Commissioners-designate. #vdLcommission #EUstrivesformore Learn more →
Good news on protective clothing & medical equipment: The Joint European Procurement Initiative secures concrete offers of considerable scale. The material will soon provide considerable relief in🇮🇹,🇪🇸& 23 more member states. This is🇪🇺solidarity in action👉
Growth forecast in 2019 (%): 🇮🇪5.6 🇲🇹5.0 🇭🇺4.6 🇵🇱4.1 🇷🇴4.1 🇱🇹3.8 🇧🇬3.6 🇪🇪3.2 🇨🇾2.9 🇭🇷2.9 🇸🇰2.7 🇱🇺2.6 🇸🇮2.6 🇱🇻2.5 🇨🇿2.5 🇵🇹2.0 🇩🇰2.0 🇪🇸1.9 🇬🇷1.8 🇳🇱1.7 🇦🇹1.5 🇫🇮1.4 🇪🇺1.4 🇫🇷1.3 🇬🇧1.3 🇸🇪1.1 🇧🇪1.1 🇩🇪0.4 🇮🇹0.1 Autumn #ECForecast ↓
We honour the memory of the millions of victims of all totalitarian regimes. 80 years have now passed since a dark chapter in European history was opened with the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. A free Europe is not a given but a choice, every day. Statement →
Very happy that EU leaders tasked the with shaping our collective response to the #coronavirus crisis. We will come forward with a proposal for an #MFF, clearly linked to the the Recovery Fund. →
. approves €2.6 billion public support for the Irish National Broadband Plan. It will bring high-speed broadband services to consumers and businesses in areas with insufficient connectivity in Ireland
Europe’s digital transition must protect and empower citizens, businesses and society. Today we will present our strategy to shape Europe’s digital future. More about the vision of #DigitalEU 👉
As long as #COVID19 threatens lives somewhere, we are not safe. With significant global response package of €15.6 billion, steps up efforts. Today w/ EU27 Development Ministers we continue on building our #TeamEurope package further. 👉
We continue to mobilise all the means at our disposal to fight the spread of the #coronavirus. 📥 Download 🆕 factsheet on EU’s response to the crisis:
Statement from Commission President von der Leyen on proposals to fight the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis
As the #Coronavirus outbreak intensifies, the EU Civil Protection Mechanism has been activated on request from France. Two planes will be mobilised to repatriate EU citizens from the Wuhan area to Europe. ➡️ Overview of the outbreak with latest data ↓
As part of our global response to #coronavirus pandemic, we are reallocating €140m for our Eastern Partner countries & redirecting existing instruments up to €700m to help mitigate economic impact. I wrote to PMs of 🇦🇲 🇦🇿 🇧🇾 🇬🇪 🇲🇩 🇺🇦 to outline this.
Aujourd'hui, l'Europe perd une de ses figures de proue, la France un grand homme d'État et moi un ami fidèle. Jacques #Chirac était un homme de fortes convictions, celles des valeurs humanistes de fraternité, de respect de la tolérance.
"I welcome the constructive proposal made by France and Germany. It acknowledges the size of the economic challenge that Europe faces and rightly puts the emphasis on the need of a solution with #EUbudget at its core." Read statement →
#EUAntitrust We open a formal investigation to assess whether Amazon's use of sensitive data from independent retailers who sell on its marketplace breaches EU competition rules:
We are acting today to make the EU the world’s first climate-neutral economic bloc by 2050. The Climate Law is the legal translation of our political commitment. More here → #EUGreenDeal
“Vaccines save 3 million lives a year. It should be more.” - ’s speech at the #vaccinationsummit2019: #VaccinesWork
We want a stronger and more ambitious partnership with Africa. Our proposal for a new #EUAfricaStrategy is a roadmap to take our partnership to the next level. Together, we can build a more prosperous, more peaceful and more sustainable future for all:
Today with we are launching the #EU advisory panel on #COVID19. Together with , this team of experts will play an important role for the EU’s medical response to the pandemic. Time and science matter if we want to win this fight.
We welcome the 's decision today to authorise the opening of the future partnership negotiations with the UK. Read more → #NewBeginnings 🇪🇺🇬🇧
📍Latest update for April ➡️ 43 national #StateAid measures adopted to help in #CoronaCrisis from 21 🇪🇺 Member States + 🇬🇧 More info:
Yesterday, Hungary again became a dictatorship. How does the European Commission and President respond? With the most tepid press release possible, one that doesn’t even mention Hungary, or Viktor Orban. A short thread on why this matters. /
EU remains world's leading donor of Official Development Assistance with €75.2 billion in 2019. This support saves lives, builds stronger economies and protects the planet for the benefit of millions throughout the world. #TeamEurope
Today, presents its roadmap for an EU-wide coordinated exit strategy from the #COVID19 pandemic. We set out the principles and measures that 🇪🇺 MS can take to ensure a safe and gradual start to their recovery from these difficult times.
Larest EU Commission paper on no deal Brexit - including proposals for short extensions to the unilateral measures by the EU on transport, fish and the EU budget, plus EU funding to support EU areas affected by a no deal outcome
We cannot build the future we want without forests. 🌲🌳 Great to see the step up ambition to protect, improve and increase sustainable, biodiverse forest coverage, around the world. 🌍
We are calling on all companies, big or small, to join the effort to provide #COVID19 healthcare workers with the support they need to save lives. Spirit of solidarity is now more important than ever. To support are made freely available.
The Coronavirus #GlobalResponse is underway. Donations by governments, private sector, philanthropists and citizens will go into R&D, production and deployment in 3 priority areas: testing, treating and preventing. More → #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus
#COVID19: presents guidelines for border measures to protect health and keep goods and essential services available 1/2
New #EU4Health Programme will channel €9.4 billion to👇 ✔️Improve 🇪🇺 capacity to deal with health crises ✔️Make essential medicines more accessible & affordable to all citizens ✔️Strengthen the resilience of our healthcare systems 👉 #NextGenerationEU
As 🇪🇺 countries plan a return to work, ensuring safe & healthy environment for workers is essential❗️ 🆕Today issued guidance on coming back to the workplace. It provides practical advice to employers on how to minimise risks of #coronavirus. 👉
Press release- Coronavirus: Commission launches data sharing platform for researchers #OpenScience #researchdata
"Unless and until" has gone from the Ireland protocol in the #Brexit deal but still there is the idea that elements could disappear as the UK/EU future relationship is agreed. It's still not "a slab of marble."
Um die rasche Entwicklung eines Impfstoffs gegen das #Coronavirus zu unterstützen, bietet die dem Pharmaunternehmen ein Darlehen über 80 Mio. € an. Es soll mithilfe einer EU-Garantie via gewährt werden.
“The time has come for a People's Vaccine: patent-free, free of charge and made available to all people in all countries as a global public good." , Executive Director of on the need for a #peoplesvaccine #access2meds #covid19
Over the weekend, EU Commission approved crisis State aid measures in: 1 France: 2 Denmark: 3 Germany: 4 Portugal: 5 Italy (medical equipment manufacturers):
President mentions the #European #OpenScience Cloud as a "trusted space" "web for #researchdata" and "pool of #nonpersonal #data" for #researchers to store and access #data from other disciplines. #EOSC
Coronavirus: An EU approach for efficient contact tracing - EU toolbox for apps launched
Over the weekend, EU Commission approved crisis State aid measures in: 1 France: 2 Denmark: 3 Germany: 4 Portugal: 5 Italy (medical equipment manufacturers):
Over the weekend, EU Commission approved crisis State aid measures in: 1 France: 2 Denmark: 3 Germany: 4 Portugal: 5 Italy (medical equipment manufacturers):
Over the weekend, EU Commission approved crisis State aid measures in: 1 France: 2 Denmark: 3 Germany: 4 Portugal: 5 Italy (medical equipment manufacturers):
Over the weekend, EU Commission approved crisis State aid measures in: 1 France: 2 Denmark: 3 Germany: 4 Portugal: 5 Italy (medical equipment manufacturers):
As has been announced before, the European Semester will now be SDG-compatible. But what that means in practice is pretty much impossible to understand - or do you know what this means? (only mentioning economic & emlpoyment policies) hm.
#EC #COVID-19: €232 million to tackle outbreak - Out of the €232 mill package - €114 million will support in particular the global #preparedness and response global plan. Thank you!
Hey do you know we can access €2.96 billion (£2.69 billion) in unused EU cohesion funds, allocated specifically to the UK, to fight the virus? It’s all written down in this EU press release - in case you missed the email ~JL
Se liberan los estándares europeos de material de protección para que puedan fabricarse sin pagar derechos de propiedad intelectual. ✅ European standards for medical supplies made freely available to facilitate increase of production
Generations before us have built a Union of peace and prosperity, without peer or precedent anywhere in the world. Today we face our own defining moment. With #NextGenerationEU we can build a green, digital and resilient future for our Union. 👉
-"Do you feel you are a citizen of the EU?" 🇪🇺 -"Yes" (% by country) 🇱🇺93 🇩🇪88 🇪🇸87 🇮🇪85 🇫🇮85 🇵🇹84 🇭🇺84 🇵🇱84 🇸🇪83 🇩🇰82 🇧🇪81 🇲🇹81 🇦🇹80 🇱🇹80 🇸🇰80 🇪🇪79 🇳🇱77 🇸🇮77 🇱🇻76 🇨🇾73 🇷🇴73 🇫🇷64 🇭🇷64 🇬🇧58 🇨🇿58 🇬🇷57 🇮🇹57 🇧🇬52 More in our new survey:
75 years have passed, but we do not forget. We pay tribute to the 500,000 Roma victims of the Holocaust. The memory of the horrors of the past must remind us to stand up for the values we believe in. Our statement: #EU4RomaRights
On #LabourDay, we pay tribute to all the essential workers who make our lives easier and safer in times of #coronavirus. We thank them all! Earlier in April, we proposed the SURE instrument to help protect jobs and workers affected by the situation. More:
If we remain united in solidarity and behind our values, then Europe🇪🇺 can again emerge from crisis stronger than before. #EuropeDay op-ed with Charles Michel and David Sassoli → #StrongerTogether
These acts of kindness, bravery and ingenuity fill me with pride. This is the power of European solidarity. We need to turn this into concrete political action and investments to secure our common future.
The EU Commission has published the toolbox, a paneuropean approach to contact tracing apps against #Covid_19. It is very clear: tech should be privacy-enhancing, open source and decentralised. Governments should start working #DP3T
More than ever, we need to start making progress together in all areas. My remarks following today’s online press briefing on the 🇪🇺🇬🇧 negotiations. Looking forward to speaking to and team again soon!
Battery production in Europe is of strategic interest for our economy and society because of its potential in terms of clean mobility, energy and jobs. 🔋 We have approved €3.2 billion public support by seven EU countries for a pan-European project →
🇮🇹🇪🇺 Good conversation with via videoconference this afternoon. The is acting to support Italy and it’s response to the #coronavirus crisis. More on what we discussed and what we agreed on 👉
🇪🇺🇬🇧 We are launching infringement proceedings against the United Kingdom following its failure to name a candidate for EU Commissioner →
🆕 #EUBarometer survey shows Europeans both at 🇪🇺 & national level are increasingly concerned about #climatechange 🌍 This is why we need to take strong #climateaction to protect #ourplanet & its precious resources. More Our work
🚨I am encouraging all 🇪🇺manufacturers, big and small, to activate alternative ways of producing ⛑ equipment to fight #COVID19. To do so, European #standards for medical supplies are now made #freely available to facilitate increase of production!
In light of the mass cancellations and delays passengers and transport operators are facing, we would like to provide legal certainty on passenger rights. Find more information here→ #COVID19
We are mobilising all of our resources to protect lives and livelihoods. Our #coronavirus crisis response includes: 🔹 Setting up a short-term employment scheme 🔹 Redirecting structural funds to coronavirus response Learn more →
We are taking action to get more medical equipment to EU countries. This is the first common European reserve of emergency medical equipment. Helping one another is the only way forward. Learn more → #rescEU #COVID19
Scientists from have designed a new control material to help prevent #coronavirus test failures. Their work will enable the verification of up to 60 million laboratory tests throughout the EU →
Difficult times. We have to do what we can to mitigate the impact of #COVID19 on human lives & livelihoods. We just adopted a #Stateaid Temporary Framework to enable Member States to give companies the support they need - while preserving the #SingleMarket
Forests are the green lungs of our planet. They cover 30% of the Earth’s land area and host 80% of its biodiversity. We are stepping up our action to protect and restore the world’s forests →
🚨J'encourage tous les fabricants 🇪🇺, petits et grands, à activer des moyens alternatifs de production d'équipements⛑ pour lutter contre le #COVID19. Afin d'↗️ la production, les #normes 🇪🇺 pour ces équipements médicaux sont disponibles #gratuitement👇🏻
"The EU is founded on the values of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights. We must uphold and defend them, even in these challenging times." Read the statement by President on emergency measures in Member States:
Very difficult times, especially in Italy. Italian #StateAid scheme approved today, will support companies ready to produce and supply medical equipment and masks - urgently needed. #CoronaCrisis
European open data against the #coronavirus 🇪🇺 Today we launched a data platform where researchers can collect and share their datasets. This will allow us all to better understand, diagnose and defeat the virus. More ➡️ The platform ⬇️ #StrongerTogether
The #coronavirus pandemic represents a major shock for the global and EU economies. Our collective recovery will depend on continued strong and coordinated responses at EU and national level. We are #StrongerTogether. More about the Spring #ECForecast →
🇪🇺🇬🇧Today the approved a £50 billion “umbrella” UK scheme to support SMEs and large corporates in the UK affected by the coronavirus outbreak. The scheme was approved under the State aid Temporary Framework adopted by the Commission. ℹ️
Breaking news: Croatia on the way to join the Schengen Area. reports progress in meeting the necessary conditions for #Schengen accession. Learn more:
Making the #EUGreenDeal a reality will require massive public & private investments. Today we are presenting a plan to mobilise over €1 trillion in the following 10 years. How do we transition to a climate-neutral economy? Together. #investgreen #ActNow 🗞️
COVID-19: European Commission sets out European coordinated response to counter the economic impact of the Coronavirus. More ⏬
This week we introduced SURE - the EU's new solidarity instrument. It will mobilise €100 billion to help workers keep their incomes and keep businesses running. Learn more → #coronavirus #StrongerTogether
What ⁦⁩ said at today’s press conference expresses not so much an ideological approach, I find, but common sense. His words are grounded in a negotiation mandate that defends the EU interests as defined collectively by 27 countries.
Our opens its world-class laboratories to researchers from across Europe. Scientists will now also be able to run experiments on zero emission energy solutions and nuclear safety. Learn more → #ThisIsTheEU
In this crisis, and in our Union more generally, it is only by helping each other that we can help ourselves. 🇪🇺 Working together makes us all stronger against #coronavirus. Read more about #EUsolidarity action here:
It's #DataProtection Day. Strong data protection rules are not a luxury – they're a necessity. The EU is a global reference point for strong data protection rules, based on enforceable rights. Our statement: ©️ Pierre Kroll
"We will enter the negotiations with the UK with the highest ambition. Because good old friends like the UK and us should not settle for anything less than this." Speech by President in #EPlenary → #NewBeginnings 🇪🇺🇬🇧
The will support Member States using the full flexibility provided for in the EU fiscal framework so they can implement the measures needed to contain the #coronavirus outbreak & mitigate its negative socio-economic effects Press release ↓
We have adopted new rules to allow faster and less expensive conformity assessment procedure for medical equipment and products. The new rules also apply to products which are instrumental in tackling the #coronavirus crisis →
In times of crisis, solidarity is the first thing tested. But it is now that we need it most. We are today calling on MS to coordinate around a set of best practices in border measures to stem collectively the spread of COVID-19 & protect the single market
Lowest rate of unemployment recorded in the euro area since May 2008. The euro area seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 7.4% in August 2019, down from 7.5% in July 2019 and from 8.0% in August 2018. Learn more →
With the Gender Equality Strategy, we are pushing for more and faster progress to promote equality between men and women 👉 #UnionOfEquality
⌛️Tomorrow, on #WorldCancerDay – the will launch an EU-wide public consultation on Europe's Beating Cancer Plan! Find out more about the event that will start the #EUCancerPlan consultation here & keep following the hashtag for updates:
With the #EUGreenDeal adopted and #COP25 behind us, now we look forward to raising global ambitions at #COP26 in 2020. Next year, we will continue to work with our partners and make sure that we all face head-on the urgent challenge of climate change.
#Galileo reaches 1 billion smartphone users worldwide! This has been made possible by a truly European effort to build the most accurate navigation system in the world. More here →
Sign of the times: a record number of College members travel to Addis Ababa for the 10th #AUEU Commission-to-Commission meeting to discuss cooperation on joint priorities. ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
Yesterday the adopted its Work Programme for 2020, setting out the actions to achieve the green & digital transitions. For research, the EC will present 2 non-legislative communications on: #EuropeanResearchArea (Q2) & #EUmissions (Q4). 👉
#Coronavirus knows no borders. The is proposing 3 billion in the form of loans to support 10 partners in the Western Balkans and the Neighbourhood in tackling the pandemic. #WeStandTogether Press release👉
One month ago, a worldwide coalition came together to shape the Coronavirus #GlobalResponse to the pandemic. Yesterday, we launched the campaign ‘#GlobalGoalUnite for our Future', with a final pledging summit on 27 June. More: #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus
In few years #5G will link everything to everyone. Any technology cannot be at the expense of our security. This is the first step of the new ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ Security Union covering critical infrastructures and cyber security.
Vaccine against Ebola: we've granted the first-ever market authorisation. This vaccine, called Ervebo, was in development since the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014. The EU will continue to tackle the epidemic for as long as it takes → #VaccinesWork
Our trade deal with Singapore enters into force today. It will boost trade, benefitting companies, farmers, workers and consumers on both sides. That makes 1⃣6⃣ trade agreements we've put in place since 2014! 🥳 More details 👉
🇪🇺solidarity in action: joint procurement for medical equipment delivered positive results: offers meet our MS requests. Lifesaving equipment - masks, gloves, goggles, gowns will soon be delivered to those in need. Together we will win against #COVID19!
#GenderEqualityStrategy 2020-2025 = Strategy for achieving a #UnionOfEquality #UnionOfEquality = 🇪🇺 where ♀️ & ♂️ & ⚧️ ✔️are FREE to pursue their chosen path in life ✔️have equal opportunities to THRIVE ✔️have equal opportunities to LEAD Press release➡️
Welcome that #Berlin_Conference reached an important outcome: agreement on ceasefire, refraining from intl interference & enforcement of arms embargo. We will discuss tomorrow w/ Foreign Ministers EU contribution. Joint Statement w/ President
How can #EUTrade help the #EUGreenDeal succeed at home and abroad? 👉Stronger commitment to #sustainability & #ParisAgreement in future comprehensive trade agreements 👉Investment in green goods & services 👉Climate-friendly public procurement More: 🇪🇺🌍
Worries are deep these difficult days & weeks, but action is also taken to help out: 📍 Overview of all #StateAid decisions adopted over the last days. We continue working with Member States to help out in the #CoronaCrisis More info
What will the Conference on the Future of Europe look like? This week we set out ideas for shaping the conference on 9 May – a unique opportunity to reflect with citizens, listen to them, engage, answer and explain: #FutureofEurope
On our agenda for next week: #EqualPayDay #EUatWebSummit #ECForecast #EuropeanUniversities #DiscoverEU #MauerFall30 Stay tuned! More on the #TeamJunckerEU agenda here:
New Guidance on the data protection and privacy aspects of #coronavirus apps. The guidance supports the safe development of apps and protects citizens’ personal data, in line with the EU’s strong #dataprotection rules. ➡️ #COVID19 #GDPR
Proud to be the #EU’s Chief Negotiator on #newACPEU agreement w/ 79 countries in #Africa, #Caribbean & the #Pacific. Today’s talks led to substantial progress. Looking forward to more discussions soon & concluding our ambitious agreement!
Our proposal today on the new instrument for Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency #SURE is a very strong signal of European #solidarity. Fast and solid recovery is only possible if we save people’s income and jobs. #COVID19 👉
We are looking to give people the ability, confidence and safety to travel again. We help EU countries to lift travel restrictions and allow tourism to restart, but we need rigorous health precautions to prevent further outbreaks. #EUtourism More →
#COVID19: EU creates first ever common European stockpile of emergency medical equipment, to include ventilators, protective equipment, vaccines, and lab supplies. How it will work → #rescEU
Two 🇩🇪 measures approved today under the Temporary #StateAid Framework: Programmes for companies of all sizes to provide liquidity in the form of subsidised loans to mitigate effect of #CoronaCrisis. will work with commercial banks.
Voici la distribution des portefeuilles aux commissaires désignés. #vdLcommission #EUstrivesformore Pour en savoir plus →
Today, published a new guidance on surveillance of #coronavirus in long-term health care facilities. A coordinated approach to testing and reporting is crucial for protecting persons in long-term care facilities as well as the staff. More →
🇫🇷 government put in place 3 measures to help its economy manage the impact of #CoronaCrisis . Expected to mobilise €300bn of liquidity support for companies affected. Approved under new #StateAid Temporary Framework, less than 48 hours from its adoption.
As part of the response to #COVID19 emergency, Commission proposed to extend the scope of the #EUSolidarityFund to cover public #health crisis and provide assistance the hardest hit Member States. Up to EUR 800 million is available in 2020.
In response to the paralysis of the Appellate Body the proposes amendments to the EU Enforcement Regulation to allow us to defend our companies, workers & consumers, whenever our partners do not play by the rules. more 👉
#GreenDeal is also rebalancing our relation to nature and planet. We need to come together and strengthen each other - nature, farmers, business, consumers & citizens. Thanks More info:
Today, we have adopted our 2020 Work Programme. The Work Programme is all about successfully grasping the opportunities of the climate and digital transitions. Read more: #vdLCommission
#EUresponse: €47.5 million in emergency EU funding is allowing European researchers to work on urgently needed Covid-19 vaccine development and treatment. More info 👉
“No Member State, no region, no person can be left behind”. Press release on building a strong social Europe: #EUSocial #SocialRights
We are ready to support Member States & ensure a coordinated response to the #coronavirus. Today, the #EUCivPro Mechanism was activated to repatriate EU citizens from #Wuhan. We continue to monitor the situation closely with .
My thanks to Roberto Azevêdo as he retires as Director-General. We need to quickly chart a new path ahead at this critical and uncertain time for #trade. It makes sense to proceed with succession NOW rather than wait until next year: Full statement
#Coronavirus: harmonised standards for #medicaldevices - such as medical face masks, surgical drapes, gowns & suits - allow crucial items to safely enter the market, protecting: ✅patients ✅health care professionals ✅EU citizens Read more: #COVID19
. on Hungary, without naming the country: “It is of outmost importance that emergency measures are not at the expense of our fundamental principles & values as set out in the Treaties. Democracy cannot work without free and independent media.“
Adding to unprecedented efforts by MS, & we propose: set up a €100bn solidarity instrument to help workers keep incomes & help businesses stay afloat ➕redirect all available structural funds to response to #CoronaCrisis .More info ➡️
Now we have approved 🇩🇪scheme to help companies affected by #CoronaCrisis. Open to all companies - enables guarantees on loans at favourable terms to help them cover immediate working capital & investment needs. In line with Temporary #StateAid Framework.
Are you one of the many companies, big and small, looking to produce #COVID19 masks and other protective equipment? 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 for your innovation, responsibility and solidarity! To facilitate production, 🇪🇺 now freely available
Global response to the coronavirus must uphold human rights of all without discrimination of any kind. Persons with disabilities should not be left behind or their human rights ignored. Statement with #inclusiveCOVID19
I am glad to announce that the #EC has mobilised extra #H2020 funding to boost research on #coronavirus diagnostics, treatments, vaccines & preparedness for outbreaks, bringing the initial €10m budget for our emergency call to €47.5m #InvestEUresearch
.: "I welcome the constructive proposal made by France and Germany. (...) This goes in the direction of the proposal the Commission is working on which will also take into account the views of all Member States and the European Parliament." 👉🏻
Forest fires are on the rise in Europe, with more countries than ever hit in 2018. In response, the EU helped deploy planes, helicopters and firefighters to fires in Greece, Latvia, Portugal & Sweden. More about how we fight forest fires→ #EUprotects
Our citizens and businesses deserve certainty during these difficult economic times. is mobilising €100 billion to keep people in work through the SURE solidarity instrument. This is 🇪🇺 solidarity in action. Together, we are stronger.
. adopted a Temporary Framework to enable Member States to use the full flexibility foreseen under State aid rules to support the economy in the context of the #COVID19 outbreak.
#EUGreenDeal 🇪🇺💚 European food must remain safe, nutritious and of high quality. It must be produced with minimum impact on nature. Read more about our #EUFarm2Fork policy area here ➡️
The #EUGreenDeal Investment Plan was adopted today. Providing at least €1 trillion of sustainable investment from 2021-2030, it will enable the transition to a climate-neutral, green economy ➡️
“Crisis situations as #COVID19 pose particular challenges to the effective exercise and protection of human rights” adopted a new EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy for 2020-2024 #EU4HumanRights #EU4Democracy ​
State aid: here’s the EU approving UK measures In light of coronavirus
We invite EU countries to extend the temporary restriction on non-essential travel to the EU until 15 June. The situation worldwide remains very fragile. Prolonging travel restriction is necessary to continue reducing the spread of #coronavirus. More →
European Commission President, also former German Defence Minister, ⁦⁩ warns Germany’s Constitutional Court (domestically a revered institution. German governments don’t mess with #Karlsruhe) that European law supersedes national law /1
EU Commission proposal on EU climate law now published - press release
EU orders Ryanair to hand back €8.5m in state aid - our report highlighted that #aviation subsidies appear rampant across Europe. Good the starting to get serious about a crackdown on these emissions-driving handouts
We are disappointed to see the new 's working methods includes a 'one in, one out' rule for legislation This arbitrary approach also adopted by Donald Trump could block urgently needed social and climate policies
We issued a new guidance to help EU countries address the shortages of health workers. It aims to speed up the recognition of health workers' qualifications and help them perform their duties where and when needed. More: #StrongerTogether #coronavirus
Last approval of the day: German scheme that will help companies affected by #CoronaCrisis via direct grants, repayable advance or tax and payment advantages. Also this German scheme is approved under the new Temporary #StateAid Framework.
Today the Commission announces it's proposal for the amendment of EU Enforcement Regulation #EUtrade ⚖️#EUrules
The World is joining forces in order to defeat the #coronavirus! 🌎🌍🌏 With €7.4 billion already pledged, #GlobalResponse aims not only to develop life-saving tools but also to make sure that they are universally accessible and no one is left behind. 👉
Good news. Council and EP agree in record time to postpone by 1 year the application of Medical Devices Regulation. We are determined to have our medical industries pouring all their energy into what we need them to be doing: helping fight the pandemic.
With the #EU4Health Programme, we have the opportunity to learn from #COVID19 & put in place a stronger 🇪🇺 health system for all citizens. It is our duty to them to fulfil this promise #NextGenerationEU
The #GlobalResponse will start at 3 p.m today 📺 This 🇪🇺EU-led online fundraising will kick-start an unprecedented global cooperation between scientists & regulators, gov & industry, intl orgs, foundations & health care professionals👩‍⚕️
Bravo to the 🇪🇺 on the 2030 #EUBiodiversity strategy. #COVID19 has made clear that we need #nature on our side as we build back better. Together, we can give more back to the planet than we take away.
The distribution of portfolios to Commissioners-designate is out. from #Finland has been nominated to coordinate the EU's important work on International Partnerships. Learn more about #vdLcommission 👉 #EUstrivesformore
🇪🇺🇬🇧The European Commission has approved a £ 9 billion UK aid scheme to support self-employed individuals and members of partnerships affected by the #coronavirus outbreak. Moreℹ️
The EU is the leading global humanitarian aid donor and helps people in over 80 countries. Today, the EU has adopted its initial annual humanitarian budget for 2020 worth €900 million. See below what goes where👇
Despite its claims, the United Kingdom did not engage in a real discussion on the question of the level playing field – those economic & commercial “fair play” rules that we agreed to, with Boris Johnson, in the Political Declaration
Persbericht Europese Commisie: EU-lidstaten krijgen absolute vrijheid in hun begrotingsbeleid om de #Coronavirus crisis te bestrijden. Von der Leyen: "We will do whatever is necessary to support the Europeans and the European economy.” #coronanederland (1)
Today we launched a legal case in the WTO against Indonesia. Their export restrictions on raw materials and subsidies go against international trade rules and are putting jobs in the EU steel industry at risk. More details 👇🏻
🇪🇺🇸🇬 trade agreement enters into force today! This is the 16th trade agreement we have put in place since the start of . With this, the #EU has the largest trade network in the 🌎, including 42 #trade agreements with 73 partners💪🏻
🆕Guidelines to help Member States ease the pressure on hospitals during #coronavirus by: ▶️transferring patients to hospitals in other countries where places are available ▶️sending qualified medical teams across borders Details here: #EUsolidarity
Today, I presented to 🇪🇺 Health Ministers the roadmap for a coordinated exit strategy from the #COVID19 pandemic. It is based on scientific evidence, and can only succeed if 🇪🇺 solidarity and coordination continues.
Die stockt die Mittel für Rückholungen ✈️ von EU-Bürgern und für die Einrichtung eines Vorrats an medizinischer Ausrüstung um 75 Millionen Euro auf. : Das ist ein weiteres Beispiel dafür, wie das 🇪🇺 Mehrwert schaffen kann.
I don’t usually do “quick takes” but there's always room for an exception or two. Here’s one on the EU’s negotiating mandate for talks with the UK It’s a broad-brush look. Others will scrutinise the detail (as they already have with earlier drafts) 1/6
We are supporting health authorities and healthcare professionals in all EU countries in tackling the #coronavirus crisis. We have mobilised additional €122 million from to boost urgently needed research into the virus. More →
EU Commission guidance on gradually restoring transport, travel and tourism - including specific guidance on free movement
La Commissione europea decide che sulla App contro #COVID-19 debba esserci un approccio coordinato a livello europeo in modo da essere pienamente rispettoso delle norme EU sulla protezione dei dati. Ah quindi non erano fisime?
Guidance on clinical trials during the #COVID19 pandemic, including key changes to: ➡️Distribution of the investigational medicinal products ➡️Monitoring ➡️Remote source data verification (SDV) ➡️Communication with authorities Read more: #StrongerTogether
🇱🇺 scheme that we approved today enables the granting of guarantees on loans at favourable terms to help business cover immediate working capital and investment needs and continue their activities in these difficult times of #CoronaCrisis.
The EU Commission is launching its #EUGreenDeal and that includes a two-pager on sustainable mobility. Is it any good? In short, no. [Thread]
❓✅Learn more about vaccinations in our 🇶&🅰️. Topics discussed include vaccine safety, vaccination coverage and much more #VaccinesWork #VaccinationSummit19
Ebola epidemic in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo is worsening the humanitarian situation. We are stepping up our support with 50 m€, which will increase access to health care and clean water + improve nutrition status of families.
Will the digital revolution be good for everyone's health? You can find the the #SoHEU report and country profiles here:
. President-elect this morning presented her team of designated Commissioners and their programme to #EPplenary, ahead of vote of approval of the Commission. Full speech available in EN, FR & DE here
EU beef exports to Korea resume after almost 20 years
& adopt our proposal to postpone the application of the Medical Devices Regulation Fighting the #coronavirus pandemic is our top priority including through availability of medical devices & patient safety More: #StrongerTogether
"On 4 February – #WorldCancerDay – we will start a discussion on Europe's Cancer Plan" 🇪🇺🗒️Read 's speech from yesterday's conference on "Better Access to Cancer Treatment" at the #EU40Talks #CancerEU
Strong statement by in response to #COP26 being postponed: EU’s plan to increase #NDC is on track and EU keen to work with others to increase ambition (when time is right after #COVID19 )
"The global response: Working together to help the world get better." ➡️Joint op-ed by 🇮🇹, 🇫🇷, Angela Merkel 🇩🇪, 🇳🇴, 🇪🇺, 🇨🇦 and 🇪🇺. #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus
#Coronavirus: European roadmap shows path towards common lifting of containment measures Returning to normality.. will require a carefully coordinated & European approach.. based on science & in the spirit of solidarity: #StrongerTogether
The EU, Iceland and Norway are close climate partners. We are stepping up our cooperation: 🇮🇸 and 🇳🇴 are joining the #EffortSharing and #LULUCF regulations to reduce #GHG emissions by 40% by 2030. Together we can achieve more! 👉🏻
👍 🙏❤️😇🇪🇺 United in their ambition & determined to share across the Union ❤️COVID-19: Commission creates first ever rescEU stockpile of medical equipment
La 🇪🇺 ha presentado hoy un nuevo Plan de Acción de #EconomíaCircular ♻️ enmarcado dentro del Acuerdo Verde Europeo con el fin de establecer una hoja de ruta hacia una descarbonización de la economía y la neutralidad climática🌱 Más información👉
EU Commission proposes to revise approach towards EU accession of Western Balkans countries: Q and As: Presumably an attempt to unblock French veto on accession talks starting with Albania and North Macedonia
👀you at 14h30 #SRIPreport : “R&I is at the core of the response to the unprecedented crisis we are facing and can significantly contribute to the economic recovery" Press release:
Very important document for the City's future after Brexit has just landed - from the European Commission. It notes increased oversight from EU regulators over third countries financial services. calls it the basis for "robust cooperation"
Statement by ⁦⁩: As a first step we are currently working on a full flexibilisation of existing funds - such as the structural funds. ... At this juncture, the President is not excluding any options within the limits of the treaty.
EU Commission proposes to revise approach towards EU accession of Western Balkans countries: Q and As: Presumably an attempt to unblock French veto on accession talks starting with Albania and North Macedonia
"We must strive for more. And we must do so together, all hands on deck." #ICYMI 's full speech on the #CancerEU plan is now available here: cc
🇪🇺 Nu lanseras en europeisk covid-19-dataplattform som gör det möjligt att snabbt samla in och dela alla tillgängliga forskningsdata. Plattformen är ytterligare en milstolpe i EU:s ansträngningar att stödja forskare i kampen mot coronautbrottet. 💉🔬😷 ➡️
"No one life should endure suffering or be lost to hepatitis and no one nation can solve this issue alone. We must therefore band together and strive jointly to secure a 2030 where hepatitis is eliminated" #WorldHepatitisDay
Die hat im April bereits 43 nationale Beihilfemaßnahmen als Reaktion auf die #Corona-Krise genehmigt. Darunter auch eine 15-Milliarden-€-Unterstützung für die 🇦🇹 Wirtschaft und Garantien für 🇦🇹 Klein- und Mittelbetriebe. 👉
Full Barnier speech here. Essentially the Commission seem to be setting up this year's debate, first with Member States and European Parliament, then with the UK, on the conditions that must be in place for a zero tariffs and quota deal.
How can we improve gender equality? The new strategy outlines how: - Ending violence against women - Narrowing the gender pay gap - More women as leaders - Gender mainstreaming in EU policies A great step towards a #UnionOfEquality. 🔗
My statement on U.S. countermeasures in the Airbus dispute 👇🏻
"It is unacceptable [in the EU] ...that access to care is not equal for all. Member States, the pharmaceutical industry, payers and healthcare providers, patient advocates all have a huge role to play here." EU Public Health Commissioner Kyriakides
Unless EU member states’ border restrictions comply with these new guidelines, they will be in breach of EU law #COVIDー19 #CoronavirusOutbreak
Significant Impact of COVID-19 - EU is to postpone date of application of the new Medical Devices Regulation until 26th May 2021- important because as things currently stand UK will have left transition period by that point- query future alignment? ..
.: “This is an important step to address some of the fundamental issues distorting global trade. I welcome the fact that the United States and Japan share this view.”
“We must not waste a second in our fight against #coronavirus. This equipment is fundamental for our health professionals – the brave and resilient women and men at the front line - to keep saving lives:” Press release on #medicaldevices
State of Health in the EU 2019: 5 big trends in the transformation of health systems: 1. vaccine hesitancy 2. digital transformation of HP/DP 3. gaps in health care accessibility 4. health workforce skill mix innovations 5. access to medicines
How is the EU responding to #COVID19? ▶️Coordination with Member States ▶️Repatriation ▶️Technical Guidance ▶️Funding ▶️Research ▶️And more Read the details in the Q+A: … And on the dedicated webpage: … #coronavirus
#Illegalfishing : EU lifts #Taiwan yellow card following reforms "I welcome the considerable efforts undertaken by Taiwan to reform its fisheries legal framework, implement new control tools and improve traceability of marine fisheries products". #IUU
We issued new antitrust guidance to facilitate cooperation among Europe's businesses in fighting #coronavirus. This will help boost the supply of essential products and services in high demand - particularly in the health sector. More →
Happy birthday to the Withdrawal Agt! First version delivered 14 Nov 2018 1/
EU Commission launched a dedicated website with guidelines on how, when & where travel within the EU is possible: Zeit compares this to medieval times when you had to watch out for highwaymen and re-route based on new information
Het is onze gezamenlijke verantwoordelijkheid, morele verplichting en gedeeld belang om kwetsbare landen en mensen te ondersteunen waar we kunnen. Samen staan we sterk, ook in en voor de wereld.
Today more than ever the protection & promotion of #safety and #health at work are of the utmost importance for workers, companies, and the society at large. We have just issued the #covid19 guidance for a safe return to #workplace 👉 #health #OSH
. “As long as the coronavirus threatens lives somewhere, we are not safe. This is the core of international partnerships. We need to work together & tackle our shared challenges” #TeamEurope #StrongerTogether
To respond to joint call for action from health actors, EU is joining forces with France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway and Saudi Arabia to host an online pledging event to fund the development of a vaccine against #COVID-19. ⁦
Speaking at #EUCharter conference today. The EU Charter of #FundamentalRights is a symbol of our shared European identity. It reminds us that we are a community that shares common values.
#EU4Health - “Our first objective is to be better prepared to react & protect our citizens should a similar cross border crisis hit us in the future.” Vragen en antwoorden over het 🆕 EU4Health-programma #NextGenerationEU #StrongerTogether
#Coronavirus knows no borders. It affects each and everyone of us globally. The EU is mobilizing €15.6 billion to support partner countries around the world in the fight against coronavirus 🔗 #StrongerTogether #EUsolidarity
EU, U.S. and Japan agree on new ways to strengthen global rules on industrial subsidies
Across the EU, #COVID19-related deaths in long-term care facilities represent a large % of all COVID-related deaths Today's guidance on surveillance addresses this vulnerable group in a particularly challenging situation: #Coronavirus 🇪🇺#StrongerTogether
On 4 May, President is hosting an online pledging conference to help address the immediate funding gaps to come up with innovative and equitable solutions for #covid19.
GIRP welcomes the guidelines on optimisation of supply of #medicines during #COVID19 outbreak. The guidelines recognise that #healthcaredistributors must be allowed to continue operating at full capacity and supply medicinal products.
State of Health in the EU: shift to prevention and primary care is the most important trend across countries
“Your heart and my heart, Are very, very old friends" Beautiful Hafez' poem honours human soul connection. What better theme for #WorldHeartDay than the one echoing 'my heart, your heart'? Take good care of both ❤️ ➡️
Präsidentin kündigt neue Maßnahmen an, um die Folgen des Corona-Ausbruchs einzudämmen: "Wir werden alle uns zur Verfügung stehenden Instrumente nutzen, um sicherzustellen, dass die europäische Wirtschaft den Turbulenzen trotzen kann." Details
.: “Trade isn't just about doing trade deals. After many years of hard work this announcement means that Dutch and Danish farmers gain a new market to sell their beef. Once again the EU is delivering for our agricultural sector.”
COVID-19: €232 million to tackle outbreak - Huge contribution from ⁦ - Leadership in action
#Coronavirus Commission issues practical guidance on using the flexibilities of the #EUpublicprocurement for rapidly purchasing #PersonalProtectiveEquipment #medicines and #ventilators to be supplied to those who need them as quickly as possible #COVID19
#EU “Vaccines save 3 million lives a year. It should be more.” - JunckerEU’s speech at the #vaccinationsummit2019: — Natasha Bertaud (NatashaBertaud) September 12, 2019
Loukianos Gatzoulis presents critical role of #EuropeanSemester and focus areas in country recommendations #EPH2019 More at
An additional 10 million Euro from EU to respond to locust outbreak in East Africa. As ⁦⁩ stresses, aims to tackle root causes of natural disaster and to protect livelihoods and production. ⁦⁩ ⁦
“The ultimate measure of success will not be how fast we can develop tools – it will be how equally we can distribute them.” — said ⁦⁩ at the #Coronavirus Global Response pledging event:
EU climate chief says the EU Commission is committed to make Cop26 a success and to deliver on the Green Deal. "We will not slow down our work domestically or internationally to prepare for an ambitious COP26, when it takes place."
. published #EuropeanSemester2020 #CSRs Recommendations for a coordinated response to the #COVID19 pandemic, covering areas such as investing in public health and resilience of the health sector, saving jobs, investing in people and skills.
Watch out exporting emerging economies (incl China, India). on carbon taxes ().
An interesting nugget in the EU’s No Deal prep announcements today. It looks like the UK will have the option to pay into H2020 up to the end of *2020*, not just 2019. ✅ That’s good news, but... 1/n
Récapitulatif des actions dans la lutte #COVID2019 Flexibilité de l'utilisation des ressources, nouvelles initiatives, procédures simplifiées, coordination accélérée et une communication quotidienne
Great news this Monday: 🟢 green light for the #Vaccine against #Ebola. This is a major step forward in saving lives! Full text ➡️
New rules on short-stay visas to the EU make it easier for the millions of legitimate travellers to apply for a #visa (6 months ahead instead 3 months), facilitating #tourism and #business, while providing more resources for countering irregular migration
EC public consultation on Europe's Beating Cancer Plan #EUCancerPlan ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
Die EU 🇪🇺 stärkt Wirtschaft in #Corona-Pandemie. Bereits beschlossen: * 750 Mrd. € Notfallprogramm ⁦⁩ * 37 Mrd. € Investitions-Offensive⁩ * Aussetzung Stabilitätspakt & Lockerung Beihilferegeln, maximale Beinfreiheit für nationale Budgets
Just a reminder that December 1st marks the 10th anniversary of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.
Big business lobbying on climate issues: Tue 25 Feb 2020, EU Commission VP Frans Timmermans receives Mr Dimitri Papalexopoulos, CEO of Titan Cement and Chair of (European Round Table for Industry) Energy Transition and Climate Change Committee.
Well here we go... exit our self-imposed prisons to enter the digital panopticon? European Commission adopts Recommendation to support COVID-19 exit strategies through mobile data and apps
COVID-19: Commission launches team of scientific experts <~ yet another reason why it’s a great idea to be a member country of the EU :-(
COVID-19: Commission presents guidelines for border measures to protect health and keep goods and essential services available
Guidance to mitigate clinical trial disruption
#Sustainablefinance: Commission welcomes deal on an EU-wide classification system which will allow #investors to clearly know whether an investment is truly green or not #investment #ClimateActionNow #investEU #GretaThunberg #startups
🔬🚑⚕👨‍⚕️ Publication / rapport annuel état de la santé en Europe: la transition vers la prévention et les soins primaires constitue la principale évolution dans tous les pays. #SoHEU Rapport 🇫🇷
⚕️EK je danes objavila pregled zdravstvenega stanja v EU 👉 Analizirala je zdravstvene sisteme 30 držav (🇪🇺🇳🇴🇮🇸) in ugotovila, da je najpomembnejši trend v prav vseh državah premik k preventivi in primarnemu zdravstvenemu varstvu. 🔎 #SoHEU
The EU Commission published the 2019 “State of Health in the EU”: 30 country profiles + a companion report identifying major trends in EU health systems. These reports contribute to providing information and analysis about EU health systems:
Some good news on the EU front : - State aid should come with ban on dividends and bonus payments - National support to companies should be with policies objectives such as: 1/green 2/digital transformation 3/ fight against #taxavoidance.
€30m loan for #research & manufacturing of #innovative medicines for treating #cancer and autoimmune #diseases in Poland with 96 jobs to be created! #investEU Clear demonstration that #EU is not only #Brussels but in all EU countries & close to you. 🇪🇺 ➡️
Europe - EU Member States, with the support of the and European Agency for Cybersecurity published a report on the coordinated risk assessment on #cybersecurity in Fifth Generation (#5G) networks
Great to see crack-down on illegal state aid to Ryanair. Our report from last month outlined how extensive such aid could be across Europe:
. announced today in a proposal for a new stand alone EU health programme #EU4Health, to strengthen health security and prepare for future health crises with a budget of €9.4 billion 🙌 #MFF #NextgenerationEU
Statement from President von der Leyen on proposals to fight the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis
RESPONSIBLE GLOBAL LEADERSHIP #EU is committed in leading international efforts towards a truly global recovery, notably though joint coordination with the UN, G20 and G7, the IMF, WB and ILO will continue working closely with its immediate neighbourhood
Ebola: EU announces new funds to strengthen preparedness in Burundi
Keynote EU President von der Leyen at the "We are creating a European Open Science Cloud now. It is a trusted space for researchers to store their data and to access data from researcher from all other disciplines" #openscience
Post-covid-19, "resilience" really is the new buzzword in Brussels. It's all over the place in European Commission's new budget proposals (). Luckily, , , & myself are already writing a paper on its prominence also in trade.
Coronavirus: offers financing to innovative vaccines company CureVac
Here's the 2030 #climate target related paragraph in 's #PCD11 remarks. I think you'd choose this kind of language plus a focus on procedual aspects if you can't agree on the substance of the initiative.
Today, along world leaders at #UNGA, we, 107 #EU and ACP countries, reaffirm our commitment to implementing the 2030 Agenda, the #SDGs and, more broadly, to multilateralism. A powerful collective action ➡️ #2030isnow #newACPEU
Today we sign EUR 70 M agreement with and unlocking more than € 500 million investment in Africa. These agreements are part of the #EIP, one of the financial arms of the #AfricaEuropeAlliance. #AUEU #AfricaInvestmentForum ➡️
Thank you for strong #capacitydevelopment partnership! Our new agreement ensures continued support for countries to build strong economic & financial institutions & policies to benefit all. #SDGs
In the margins of #TICAD7, I met President of #Nigeria. I also signed with Minister a new €50 million program to assist most affected and vulnerable communities in the States of #Yobe and #Borno. #AUEU ➡️
#WorldFoodDay 🍎 'Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are', wrote Brillat-Savarin two centuries ago. Let me add an additional layer that fits this century: 'Tell me what you waste and I will tell you what you are'. More #food for thought➡️
Happy to meet the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Cabo Verde Olavo Correia: Cabo Verde and EU are united, embracing the #AfricaEuropeAlliance. Together we make it better! 🇨🇻 🇪🇺 ➡️ #NuStaDjuntu #AUEU
BTW a reminder the EU is arming itself with the ability to put sanctions on the US even if the latter appeals a WTO case to a now-inquorate Appellate Body. The irony here is that it will actually speed up enforcement of cases against the US.
The EU has three presidents. All three are signed on this declaration that "remembering the Shoah" is a "cornerstone of European values." But isn't this bizarre? Remembering the Shoah (Holocaust) shouldn't be a "cornerstone" of anyone's values.
#eurobarometer 59% of respondents would be willing to share some of their personal information securely to improve public services. In particular, 42% are willing to share their data to improve medical research and care
As expected EU withdraws some trade preferences for Cambodia because of human rights concerns: Wrote recently that even if it's wise to use trade preferences to promote human rights (debatable) this is an agonisingly hard decision.
Commission proposes activating fiscal framework's general escape clause to respond to coronavirus pandemic be of interest
Plant #Health: fight against dangerous #plant pests growing stronger 💪🌱 The list of #quarantine pests is out & will help the #EU Member States to increase preparedness & will contribute to #biodiversity, natural ecosystems & #agriculture. ➡️
Japan & EU leaders call for the future COVID-19 vaccine to become a global common good. #COVID19 #vaccines
Wow!! The European Commission registered €7.4 billion in pledges from donors worldwide during the Coronavirus Global Response pledging event reaching its initial target of €7.5 billion. #COVID19 #Solidarity
Shaping Europe's digital future: presents strategies for data and Artificial Intelligence. “We want every citizen, every employee, every business to stand a fair chance to reap the benefits of digitalisation”
Pas mieux ! Discours d'ouverture de au sommet mondial de la vaccination #VaccinationSummit19 #VaccinesSaveLives
"We are creating a #EOSC now. It is a trusted space for #researchers to store their #data &to access data from researchers from all other disciplines. We will create (…) a ‘#webofresearchdata’. #Davos #Davos2020 Full speech:
Coronavirus: Commission presents practical guidance to ensure the free movement of critical workers
Global responses from #TeamEurope re-orienting €15.6 bn aid to cope with COVID, incl. €3.25 bn for Africa and €12.3 bn to address economic effects using budget support; liquidity for private sector; promoting resilient value chains
Antitrust: Commission provides guidance on allowing limited cooperation among businesses, especially for critical hospital medicines during the coronavirus outbreak
The European Commission has decided to create a strategic rescEU stockpile of medical equipment such as ventilators and protective masks to help EU countries in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
"EU and UK negotiators have now found a new way to achieve the goal of avoiding a customs border on the island of Ireland, while at the same time ensuring Northern Ireland remains part of the UK's customs territory."
EU launches new €50 million pilot to develop skills and education across Europe
Coronavirus Global Response: €7.4 billion raised for universal access to vaccines
Europe’s beating cancer plan « It is about making the personal political » Speech by Commissioner Kyriakides ⁦
sad to see this will be final Eurobarometer including my country, the UK Noticing that climate change now higher than general economy in public concerns but lower than immigration. Rising, but not yet where it needs to be to drive the big changes we need
8. The third phase began a few years ago. Today, security officials are still trying to build transatlantic agreements (at the moment, there is a lot of discussion around access to electronic evidence - ) but their efforts are contested.
"Member States are free to design national measures in line with additional policy objectives, such as further enabling the green and digital transformation of their economies or preventing fraud, tax evasion or aggressive tax avoidance." h/t
Keynote speech by President von der Leyen at the World Economic Forum
EMA: #Vaccine against #Ebola: Commission grants first-ever market authorisation / #Ervebo
Coronavirus: Commission launches data sharing platform for researchers
An important commitment to developing countries in speech about post-virus recovery to yesterday ().
3/3 Also there's an FAQ ("Q&A")
The European Commission together with several partners has launched a European COVID-19 Data Platform to enable the rapid collection and sharing of available research data.
And the European Commission has already picked up this proposal
#Coronavirus: Commission launches data sharing platform for researchers. #covid19
‘New EU rules to improve fairness of online platforms' trading practices’
Fascinating summary of Eurobarometer survey re: digital future and data. Punch line = (slim) majority willing to share personal data securely to help improve public services. Shaping Europe's digital future h/t ⁦
#WorldHeartDay ♥️ I invite each of us to connect to our #hearts & those of others and take care of them: by eating #healthier #food, exercising more, consuming less alcohol, saying no to smoking, and helping our loved ones to quit. ➡️
An effective economic response to the Coronavirus in Europe by and then you can check the measures taken by the Commission
State aid: Commission approves €12 million Danish scheme to compensate damages caused by cancellations of large public events due to COVID-19 outbreak
Commission staff on teleworking as of Monday 16
#Coronavirus: issues guidelines on testing
The EU Council gave its fast approval to the activation of the EU's €2.7 billion Emergency Support Instrument to directly support the healthcare systems of the EU countries in their fight against the coronavirus pandemic.
COVID-19: Commission presents guidelines ⁦
A new €300m EU fund, ESCALAR, part of a programme of aid to SMEs during the virus, could also help scale young tech companies and, just maybe, crack the US-China duopoly in AI.
#COVID19 : creates strategic stockpile of medical equipment such as #ventilators and protective #masks to help EU countries in the context of the COVID-19 #pandemic
COVID-19: EU Commission creates first ever rescEU stockpile of medical equipment
#COVIDー19 : presents guidelines for border measures to protect health and keep goods and essential services available
Coronavirus: Commission bid to ensure supply of personal protective equipment for the EU proves successful. The joint procurement covers masks type 2 and 3, gloves, goggles, face-shields, surgical masks and overalls covering participants requests.
European Commission Joint Research Centre opens world-class laboratories to researchers
#NextGenerationEU will lead to #NextDegenerationEU I'm afraid.
Coronavirus: the mobilises all of its resources to protect lives and livelihoods : "Every available euro in the EU budget will be redirected to address it, every rule will be eased to enable the funding to flow rapidly and effectively"
Hij bedoelt deze: De commissievergadering is nog bezig.
False dilemma alert in speech Ursula. "And so in front of us once again is that same binary choice. We either all go it alone; leaving countries, regions and people behind, and accepting a Union of haves and have-nots, or we walk that road together."
European Commission appoints new Director-General to its department for international cooperation and development, reinforces top management across other departments