Proud, thrilled and grateful: decided to appoint me as Director General International Cooperation and Development #DEVCO as of 1 October, taking over from my good friend
#Mercosur #trade deal done! A historical moment. In the midst of international trade tensions, we are sending a strong signal that we stand for rules-based trade. Largest trade agreement 🇪🇺 has ever concluded. Positive outcome for environment & consumers.
🇪🇺🇦🇷🇧🇷🇵🇾🇺🇾 History in the making: We have an agreement for an #EUtrade deal with Mercosur trade area comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay & Uruguay!🎉 Read the highlights of the political agreement: 🌎 Learn about the trade deal:
It's out, here's the deal
The distribution of portfolios to Commissioners-designate. #vdLcommission #EUstrivesformore Learn more →
We honour the memory of the millions of victims of all totalitarian regimes. 80 years have now passed since a dark chapter in European history was opened with the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. A free Europe is not a given but a choice, every day. Statement →
Aujourd'hui, l'Europe perd une de ses figures de proue, la France un grand homme d'État et moi un ami fidèle. Jacques #Chirac était un homme de fortes convictions, celles des valeurs humanistes de fraternité, de respect de la tolérance.
#EUAntitrust We open a formal investigation to assess whether Amazon's use of sensitive data from independent retailers who sell on its marketplace breaches EU competition rules:
“Vaccines save 3 million lives a year. It should be more.” - ’s speech at the #vaccinationsummit2019: #VaccinesWork
Larest EU Commission paper on no deal Brexit - including proposals for short extensions to the unilateral measures by the EU on transport, fish and the EU budget, plus EU funding to support EU areas affected by a no deal outcome
We cannot build the future we want without forests. 🌲🌳 Great to see the step up ambition to protect, improve and increase sustainable, biodiverse forest coverage, around the world. 🌍
"Unless and until" has gone from the Ireland protocol in the #Brexit deal but still there is the idea that elements could disappear as the UK/EU future relationship is agreed. It's still not "a slab of marble."
-"Do you feel you are a citizen of the EU?" 🇪🇺 -"Yes" (% by country) 🇱🇺93 🇩🇪88 🇪🇸87 🇮🇪85 🇫🇮85 🇵🇹84 🇭🇺84 🇵🇱84 🇸🇪83 🇩🇰82 🇧🇪81 🇲🇹81 🇦🇹80 🇱🇹80 🇸🇰80 🇪🇪79 🇳🇱77 🇸🇮77 🇱🇻76 🇨🇾73 🇷🇴73 🇫🇷64 🇭🇷64 🇬🇧58 🇨🇿58 🇬🇷57 🇮🇹57 🇧🇬52 More in our new survey:
75 years have passed, but we do not forget. We pay tribute to the 500,000 Roma victims of the Holocaust. The memory of the horrors of the past must remind us to stand up for the values we believe in. Our statement: #EU4RomaRights
🆕 #EUBarometer survey shows Europeans both at 🇪🇺 & national level are increasingly concerned about #climatechange 🌍 This is why we need to take strong #climateaction to protect #ourplanet & its precious resources. More Our work
Forests are the green lungs of our planet. They cover 30% of the Earth’s land area and host 80% of its biodiversity. We are stepping up our action to protect and restore the world’s forests →
Our opens its world-class laboratories to researchers from across Europe. Scientists will now also be able to run experiments on zero emission energy solutions and nuclear safety. Learn more → #ThisIsTheEU
Lowest rate of unemployment recorded in the euro area since May 2008. The euro area seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 7.4% in August 2019, down from 7.5% in July 2019 and from 8.0% in August 2018. Learn more →
#Galileo reaches 1 billion smartphone users worldwide! This has been made possible by a truly European effort to build the most accurate navigation system in the world. More here →
Voici la distribution des portefeuilles aux commissaires désignés. #vdLcommission #EUstrivesformore Pour en savoir plus →
EU orders Ryanair to hand back €8.5m in state aid - our report highlighted that #aviation subsidies appear rampant across Europe. Good the starting to get serious about a crackdown on these emissions-driving handouts
The distribution of portfolios to Commissioners-designate is out. from #Finland has been nominated to coordinate the EU's important work on International Partnerships. Learn more about #vdLcommission 👉 #EUstrivesformore
EU beef exports to Korea resume after almost 20 years
❓✅Learn more about vaccinations in our 🇶&🅰️. Topics discussed include vaccine safety, vaccination coverage and much more #VaccinesWork #VaccinationSummit19
Very important document for the City's future after Brexit has just landed - from the European Commission. It notes increased oversight from EU regulators over third countries financial services. calls it the basis for "robust cooperation"
"No one life should endure suffering or be lost to hepatitis and no one nation can solve this issue alone. We must therefore band together and strive jointly to secure a 2030 where hepatitis is eliminated" #WorldHepatitisDay
My statement on U.S. countermeasures in the Airbus dispute 👇🏻
#Illegalfishing : EU lifts #Taiwan yellow card following reforms "I welcome the considerable efforts undertaken by Taiwan to reform its fisheries legal framework, implement new control tools and improve traceability of marine fisheries products". #IUU
“Your heart and my heart, Are very, very old friends" Beautiful Hafez' poem honours human soul connection. What better theme for #WorldHeartDay than the one echoing 'my heart, your heart'? Take good care of both ❤️ ➡️
.: “Trade isn't just about doing trade deals. After many years of hard work this announcement means that Dutch and Danish farmers gain a new market to sell their beef. Once again the EU is delivering for our agricultural sector.”
#EU “Vaccines save 3 million lives a year. It should be more.” - JunckerEU’s speech at the #vaccinationsummit2019: — Natasha Bertaud (NatashaBertaud) September 12, 2019
An interesting nugget in the EU’s No Deal prep announcements today. It looks like the UK will have the option to pay into H2020 up to the end of *2020*, not just 2019. ✅ That’s good news, but... 1/n
Europe - EU Member States, with the support of the and European Agency for Cybersecurity published a report on the coordinated risk assessment on #cybersecurity in Fifth Generation (#5G) networks
Great to see crack-down on illegal state aid to Ryanair. Our report from last month outlined how extensive such aid could be across Europe:
Ebola: EU announces new funds to strengthen preparedness in Burundi
Today, along world leaders at #UNGA, we, 107 #EU and ACP countries, reaffirm our commitment to implementing the 2030 Agenda, the #SDGs and, more broadly, to multilateralism. A powerful collective action ➡️ #2030isnow #newACPEU
In the margins of #TICAD7, I met President of #Nigeria. I also signed with Minister a new €50 million program to assist most affected and vulnerable communities in the States of #Yobe and #Borno. #AUEU ➡️
Happy to meet the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Cabo Verde Olavo Correia: Cabo Verde and EU are united, embracing the #AfricaEuropeAlliance. Together we make it better! 🇨🇻 🇪🇺 ➡️ #NuStaDjuntu #AUEU
#WorldFoodDay 🍎 'Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are', wrote Brillat-Savarin two centuries ago. Let me add an additional layer that fits this century: 'Tell me what you waste and I will tell you what you are'. More #food for thought➡️
Plant #Health: fight against dangerous #plant pests growing stronger 💪🌱 The list of #quarantine pests is out & will help the #EU Member States to increase preparedness & will contribute to #biodiversity, natural ecosystems & #agriculture. ➡️
Pas mieux ! Discours d'ouverture de au sommet mondial de la vaccination #VaccinationSummit19 #VaccinesSaveLives
"EU and UK negotiators have now found a new way to achieve the goal of avoiding a customs border on the island of Ireland, while at the same time ensuring Northern Ireland remains part of the UK's customs territory."
European Commission Joint Research Centre opens world-class laboratories to researchers
#WorldHeartDay ♥️ I invite each of us to connect to our #hearts & those of others and take care of them: by eating #healthier #food, exercising more, consuming less alcohol, saying no to smoking, and helping our loved ones to quit. ➡️
European Commission appoints new Director-General to its department for international cooperation and development, reinforces top management across other departments