The full (free to read) transcript of interview with Vladimir Putin on “Donald”, the rise of China, Syria, spies, the death of the liberal idea and LGBTQ via
Read the full transcript here - an exclusive FT interview with Vladimir Putin on everything and anything, from the collapse of liberalism to the brilliance of Donald via
The asked Putin 30+ questions in an exclusive interview. Not a single one was about Russia's annexation of Crimea, ongoing role in eastern Ukraine or the shooting down of MH17. Did you not think those were important issues, & ?
"This is exactly why I will now say a few words about Catholics. ... Sometimes, I get the feeling that these liberal circles are beginning to use certain elements and problems of the Catholic Church as a tool for destroying the Church itself."
I read the whole thing and found it fascinating. Highly recommend.
This is a great get and some interesting stuff, but would be nice to see sustained (or any) questioning on corruption or MH17 or Skripal (the latter is mentioned but no pushback except to incorrectly say a “gentleman with a drug problem” died)
the full transcript is up on their website. He talks about immigration and multiculturalism in particular. But also religion. Earlier in the interview he also talked about how globalization was uneven.
Finally read interview with Putin. Well, this is not an interview, but sort of product placement, in which Putin says Russia holds democratic elections & respects other countries' free choices (sic!), and that traitors (read: Skripal) must be punished
Lots to dig into with this Putin interview, but this might be my favorite part
A very clever set of comments from Putin, which will almost certainly draw a positive response from Trump (as they were designed to do.) Putin’s subtly declaring his Internationale here: Orban, Salvini, Strache, Le Pen and the Donald.
Putin Transcript: ‘All this fuss about spies ... it is not worth serious interstate relations’ via
And has also studied very carefully the elephant graph.
Putin is very good in definitions of income aggregates "Real wages are not in decline in Russia. On the contrary, they are starting to pick up. It is the real household disposable income that is falling."