Good god, this is just a case study in how the bland, "neutral" tone of mainstream journalism fails to communicate the significance of events to readers.
Oregon’s capital has descended into turmoil since Republicans vanished to prevent a vote on a climate change bill backed by Democrats
“The chaos and divisiveness of Washington, D.C., is bleeding over into the states,” said Oregon's governor.
A battle over a climate change bill has plunged Oregon's capital into disarray, sending Republicans escaping across state lines and leaving Democrats paralyzed.
A must read on the political stalemate in Oregon. It’s about #climatechange and a whole lot more. via ⁦
One by one, Oregon’s 11 Senate Republicans fled their state with little more than spare underwear and their passports. They disappeared into Idaho cabins and motels with canned goods and at least one burner phone. They were fleeing for ... a climate bill.
4. Anyway, read the essay. I just wanted to tie it to a recent episode, namely, the Oregon climate bill. You will recall that Dems elected supermajorities in both houses of the OR legislature, hashed out a climate bill, & passed it in the House, but ...