We have a new paper out today in (open access). "The History of Farm Foxes Undermines the Animal Domestication Syndrome"
Soooo excited to see this out - deep learning for medical image classification by doctors with NO coding experience using #DeepLearning #AutoML #OpenSource
Our new paper examines the economic cost of violence perpetration in severe mental illness. We asked what the cost to society is, and what sectors of society bear this cost 1/
Are specific learning disorders truly specific, and are they disorders? and I address these questions and more in an Opinion piece just published: #openaccess
Delighted that our analysis of outcomes based on age in the METEOR trial now published. Cabozantinib improved OS, PFS and ORR in previously treated patients with advanced RCC, irrespective of age.
Curious about curiosity? Check out my new paper with on explanation-seeking curiosity: the flavor of curiosity that leads us to ask "why?"
My paper, The Influence of Maternal Schizotypy on the perception of Facial Emotional Expressions during Infancy, has been published! It investigates whether maternal schizotypy influences social-cognitive awareness during the first 6 months 👶🧠
Fantastic work from and Dee Lynskey supported by and on #Radiotherapy clinical trial support across UK. Superb patient support, investigators and organisations but ⬆️ investment needed in #RadOnc trials. #NCRI_CTRad
An ideal pediatric TB care system would look like this!
Out today: "Decentralised energy, decentralised accountability? Lessons on how to govern decentralised electricity transitions from multi-level natural resource governance" This one has been in the works for a long time 1/
🚨 New paper "Monitoring crop phenology using a smartphone based near-surface remote sensing approach" a gold #openaccess publication thanks to support from and around based work on Picture Based Insurance by
Our new #biosensor #zebrafish is out! It can identify tissue-specific oxidative stress and is great for high-throughput screening of drugs/pollutants. Thanks for suggesting to test PhZ. Open access:
Our OA article "Emergence of the Asian lineage of Zika virus in Angola" now online ! Truly intercontinental detective work by et al thanks to 🔬🦠🌍
Happy Friday #AI #ML #tweeps & #digitalhealth enthusiasts. Be sure to read this #OA paper in 4rm et al showing image recognition algorithms trained by docs with NO coding experience. It’s super clever and the interface is 🙌🏻
Brand new review paper by and me, on the Neural Correlates of Early Executive Function Development - published in Developmental Review today. Really excited to share this with you. Below is a thread on the key things we cover in the paper.
Just out in Studies in Mycology: The global epidemiology of emerging Histoplasma species in recent years by and many more co-authors! Open access available
A great reason to finally activate this twitter account is Patrick Hoffmann's paper on ER-PM contacts
My last autopsy as a resident (year 2012). It was a Rabies Encephalitis secondary to cat bite. Not good memories because of the Anti-Rabies serum and post-exposure profilaxis :( The paper:
An important new review article on #adolescent #vaping from the Journal of Adolescence. #ECigarette use and the developing brain.
How do you make nuclear pores away from the nucleus? Our paper online today #development #Nuclearpores #microscopy 1/11 [a thread]
How do you make nuclear pores away from the nucleus? Our paper online today #development #Nuclearpores #microscopy 1/11 [a thread]
New article in Environment International with Richard Sharpe, Ben Wheeler and others on energy efficiency and health - shows some evidence of sealing hypothesis for certain energy efficiency measures
Sharing our outcome from the 2nd #ESTRO Physics workshop on Quantitative imaging in radiotherapy: from current status, recommendations and challenges to identification of future key research areas #medphys #radonc
Evaluating #HealthyGreenCarpet in : contextualising urban reconstruction and health #implementation #politicalagency coproduce outcomes
Our work on #Massospora (Entomophthoramycotina; Zoopagomycota) fungus which manipulates behavior of #cicada is now published [OA] work lead by w/ many collaborators including #NSFunded
Out now: Exploring psychology of redistribution with
•Post Arab Spring the trajectory of the SC has differed in the three countries. •Egypt occupies one end of the spectrum and Tunisia the other upper end.
If you are interested in arbitrating between DDMs, urgency gating or collapsing boundary models to describe the behavior of observers in perceptual decision-making tasks, then check out our paper() and accompanying toolbox ().
Development of a CTC-based gene expression classifier associated with resistance to abi and enza in mCRPC. Huge credit to Jae-Seung Chung, a urologist and visiting fellow from South Korea, who helped lead this effort.
The article by Volker Krey ea about energy system costs in climate solution models () isn't very clear about this.
Our new article on the Energy Transitions Index is out (open access)! The result of a terrific partnership between and
Closing the gap between HIV and syphilis testing (and treatment) in pregnant women could prevent hundreds of thousands of stillbirths and neonatal deaths. There are new tools that make this a no brainer.
In our new paper in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews we show that you need building characteristics, socio-economic variables AND psychological variables in order to accurately predict household energy consumption. And that decision trees are cool.
Supports hypothesis of relationship between ADCC & outcomes (EFS;OS) with differences possibly due to a drift in ADCC of originator.