Democrats can't win if they continue to make millions of Americans feel like strangers in their own land. My column on the debates in
This piece is remarkable in that its critique of the Democratic Party for supposedly dividing the country into “us and them” itself employs so many false dichotomies. 1/
Bret Stephens got so mad at the Democratic debates that he forgot that he grew up in Mexico City and is fluent in Spanish
Holy Moly. Bret Stephens jumps out of the white nationalist closet here with all his “they” are not “us” bullshit. Wowzers.
Stephens really nails it here. Thanks to Obama's approach, as we all know, he was broadly respected and hailed by conservatives as a mild-mannered healer of racial divisions.
ripping 2019 Dems for exalting “them” not “us”, Stephens writes: “Obama’s political genius was to emphasize ‘common-humanity identity politics’ - made you feel comfortable no matter the color of your skin” did i miss recognition of this genius back then?
The people perhaps most appalled by Dem debates are conservatives who want to defeat Trump. They look at Dem field and 1) can't see anyone they can support, and 2) can't see anyone who can beat Trump. From
"Black people need to make white people feel good" -An Op-Ed by
It is idiotic that is catching flak for this, as if he's endorsing "us/them" politics by identifying it in the Dem debates. He's right, even if you don't want to hear it. | A Wretched Start for Democrats
Democratic party "makes too many Americans feel like strangers in their own country." Wait, I thought wanted to deport people who don't agree we're "a country that belongs first to its newcomers." I'm so confused!
Say goodbye to 2020 😭 Via
Or maybe, just maybe, when a white cop leaves his body camera off during a fatal shooting of a black man—and it turns out that blacks not only are seriously underrepresented on the police force but have become more so—the mayor has reason to apologize.
Media (and far left activists) might be overreading what the Democrats are promising. They didn't actually say they'd pay for health care of someone here illegally, nor said they wouldn't deport anyone here illegally
Like and a few others, has a priceless quality for an opinion columnist: utter independence of mind.
The next time some blowhard like argues that Democrats speaking Spanish “makes Americans feel like strangers in their own country”, please show him this map of the USA with what used to be Spain in bright f*ing red.
“That was the broad gist of the Democratic message, in which the only honorable exceptions, like Maryland’s John Delaney and Colorado’s John Hickenlooper, came across as square dancers at a rave.” Square dancers at a rave”: Bravo ⁦
Opinion | A Wretched Start for Democrats - The New York Times
Here's the new column in context. I still think that's a bad paragraph. But it's not the entire sum of the article.
“ordinary people” “many Americans” “we”
I agree with Bret Stephens about one thing: no American government is actually going to take away private insurance from 150M Americans and throw 500,000 people out of work. It’s stupid. It’s never, ever going to happen. We should stop talking about it.
A Wretched Start for Democrats I agree. I'm so demoralized by it. I'll vote for one of them, but I wanted to vote for someone who made me feel, if only ever so slightly, a sense of hope.
A Wretched Start for Democrats
Even the New York Times can smell the blood. There will be six more years of President Donald John Trump, and if he keeps up the pace, America will be so improved that it will not be possible to reverse the changes without a bloody revolution. GOOD!
“Square dancers at a rave” - good line. via
Truth certain to fall on deaf ears. First term Trump was rather pointless and mediocre but a term limits lame duck second term Trump could get ugly. We clearly are going to see just how.
I imagine the will be doing the same thing to that they did to their editorial cartoons after this. A Wretched Start for Democrats
Hey , Let me say this from one gringo to another... ¡Americanos hablan español tu cabrón! Also "they" pay taxes, "they" start enterprises & business too, "they" are forced to deal with Section 1325 (you & your ancestors didn't)
2/ fails to understand that the coal industry has been destroying itself for decades. NeverTrump "conservatism" = unbridled capitalism.
There are some good ideas in that scrum, if you listen patiently, but what America heard was a call for unlimited free abortion for unlimited immigrants, controlling the commanding heights of Silicon Valley, and the need to choose woke over sense.
"Here’s what: a party that makes too many Americans feel like strangers in their own country. A party that puts more of its faith, and invests most of its efforts, in them instead of us."