What's so great about New Jersey? They have a fascinating new strategy to fight the opioid epidemic
Wow! I’m impressed. We have to think out of the box to make a dent on this epidemic. I hope there will be a rigorous evaluation! ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ - , we would love to receive patients treated with bupe by EMS.
Paramedics in NJ to initiate buprenorphine en route to the hospital in hopes of keeping patients in care by #addiction #publichealth
A Radical Way to Stop Heroin Overdoses In a nationwide first, New Jersey will allow paramedics to initiate buprenorphine, a medication that can treat opioid addiction via
By allowing paramedics to administer a gold-standard drug, New Jersey might have found a way to put people on the path to treatment after opioid overdoses. But it's what happens next that really matters, as reports