~ is a valued member of the team. He is also a gentle soul with a huge heart. We’ve all been shocked to learn that the assault on him was a chemical attack—please donate to help support him. Thanks for initiating
Help #PROTECTANDYNGO - Donate here ======>
I just donated to and hope you will too
Thank you and !! Let's get to $50,000 - we can do this for ==>
You can help him here
I can’t believe that here in America, journalists can get beaten up on the streets just for doing their jobs. has been viciously attacked at an Antifa rally in Portland. I hope the perpetrators are brought to justice. Support him here
This is the violence and the have unleashed. Please donate to help now. Whatever you can:
BREAKING UPDATE: WE DID IT! To the 1,566 people who contributed more than $53,000 over 5 hours to help #PROTECTANDYNGO #freespeech #indiejournalism - God bless you & thank you for supporting !
Keep standing up for the truth ! h/t for setting this up! Share/donate if you can.
UPDATE: In Antifa assualt, journalist Andy Ngo suffered a torn earlobe and multiple injuries to his face, head, and neck (Graphic Photos)
Andy Ngo was visciously attacked by Antifa today. If you’d like to make a contribution to help Andy, has been kind enough to set up a GoFundMe to help cover his medical expenses, future security, & the equipment stolen. We❤️you
I donated to "Protect Fund". Join me. Please RT. Thanks for setting it up. via #protectandyngo
#ProtectAndyNgo GoFundMe! Go support who was assaulted by members of the left wing Domestic Terrorist Group “Antifa” Thank you for setting this up!
I support on Patreon every month. I'd say he's doing "God's work" but you know that wouldn't be quite right for me, but you get the idea: After this new physical assault by antifa here's another way to support him:
LATEST #PROTECTANDYNGO fundraiser update: 24 hours, $117k+, 3,600+ donors! Plus: New photos of at work at Portland protest before assault by 12 #AntifaTerrorists . He remains hospitalized. Campaign will stay open==>
You can help to support by giving to his GoFundMe set up by . It will pay for his medical needs and replace the equipment stolen from him by Antifa. Plus, you know, you get to rub it in their faces. Fuck Antifa.
Fundraiser for Andy Ngo by Michelle Malkin : Protect Andy Ngo Fund
Well done for setting this up
Great to see set up a gofundme page for
Great to see more than $100k donated to Well done for setting up account. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽