I've worked for 15 years in the environmental movement. And I’m sorry. In all of these jobs, my bosses told me I shouldn’t tell the full truth otherwise people might stop sending us money. This is what most of the environmental movement has become.
Read this: “We have been conditioned to believe civilisation is a state of high progress, hence breakdown. This blithely and brutally ignores the billions of people for whom this civilisation is apocalyptic, and always has been. “
This habit is hopefully broken by now. Or at least starting to break.
An apology from an environmentalist
Environmentalist comes out as a dissembler, & in doing so, makes clear what was already clear, & frightening, to many of us. I applaud him. The guideline 'let's not scare anyone or they'll give up' is not only dishonest but ineffective. Worth reading.
He SHOULD apologize. Most of us in the environmental field have been telling it like it is for decades. #climatechange
This is good and provokes some difficult questions for those of us covering climate change in the media.