"Why Heterodoxy Matters in the World" [email protected]
Steven Pinker reminds us at one point in this talk that the left's efforts to suppress scientific research are not new -- they go back as far as the 1960s, and almost always involve attacks on people unwilling to buy into the blank slate dogma.
WATCH: keynote address, “An (Unnecessary) Defense of Reason and a (Necessary) Defense of Universities’ Role in Advancing It" by w/ talkback host #HxA2019
"Is the statement—'We are living in a post-truth world'—true?" If so, it cannot be true—we are still evaluating propositions based on whether they are true." keynote address for Well worth watching (& supporting that org).
Steven Pinker: Why Heterodoxy Matters in the World. This was a great talk to close the conference. via
Steven Pinker: Why Heterodoxy Matters in the World
And the second was in the Q&A session where he asked whether postmodern literary theory caused use to move into a post-truth era. It's around 56:00 here